KYORITSU 3132A Insulation & Calibration Kit

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    The KYORITSU 3132A Insulation & Calibration Kit is the perfect tool for professionals in need of a reliable and safe insulation-continuity tester. This device features a rugged Taut Band meter movement and is designed to strict CAT III 600V safety standards, giving you the assurance that your testing will be carried out safely. The 3132A also has IP54 rating for durability and longevity. With three insulation test ranges, a 3-ohm continuity range and a 500-ohm resistance range, this tester is versatile and reliable. The Kyoritsu 3132A kit even comes with an SEW ITC8 Calibration Checkbox, making it the ideal choice for all your testing needs.

    PDF download    Kyoritsu-3132A-Datasheet    PDF download   Kyoritsu 3132A User Manual


    KYORITSU 3132A Compact Insulation, Continuity Calibration Kit (Kyoritsu 3132A  +  SEW ITC8 Calibration Checkbox)

    SEW ITC8 Insulation Tester & Resistance Check Box has a range of user selectable resistances chosen by it’s rotary dial. The insulation tester connected to it and the resistance reading on the screen is compared to the known resistance on the SEW ITC8. This gives an indication of the accuracy of the instrument and if there is a need to re-calibrate.

    This SEW ITC8 with it’s 12 resistance settings ranging from 0.5 Ohms to 10MOhms allows the user to regularly verify that their instrument are accurate (within the tolerance of the tester).

    The SEW ITC8 is useful not only on the test bench but also in the field.


    • The Kyoritsu 3132A has always been a popular choice because of its price and simplicity for insulation testing.
    • Test Voltage: 250V / 500V / 1000V
    • Measuring Range: 100MΩ, 200MΩ, 400MΩ
    • Voltage Measuring Range – 0~600V AC
    • Easy to read scale means no confusing digital readings.
    • Zero out your trailing lead resistance so you don’t need to subtract the resistance of your trailing earth lead every time you test.
    • •1mA rated test current at the maximum resistance.
    • 200mA short circuit current on continuity testing.
    • Automatic discharge of circuit capacitance. (any charge stored in the circuit under test will be automatically discharged after testing.)
    • Live circuit warning buzzer and neon lamp.
    • Small and lightweight. Shock resistant new case material.
    • AC voltmeter with linear, easy-to-read scale.
    • CAT III 600V
    • Runs on 6 x AA batteries

    Why insulation testing is necessary?

    All live conductors of electrical appliances and installations must be insulated to prevent electric shock hazards from inadvertent contact or fire hazards from short circuit and equipment damage. In addition, a low insulation resistance can result in a leakage current which causes a waste of energy that increases the running costs of the installation.

    Insulation resistance must be checked by applying a higher voltage than the normal working voltage to ensure there is sufficient insulation.

    Periodic testing is also important to ensure that insulation of installations or appliances is not deteriorating. Foreign matter and mechanical factors like wear or breakage may reduce insulation resistance. Regular tests can detect possible fault in insulation.

    Weight 0.5 kg


    KYORITSU 3132A Technical specification

    Insulation Resistance Ranges
    Test Voltage 250V/500V/1000V
    Measuring Ranges 100MΩ/200MΩ/400MΩ
    Output Voltage on Open Circuit Rated Voltage +20%, -0%
    Nominal Current 1mA DC min
    Output Short Circuit Current 1.3mA DC approx.
    Continuity Test Ranges
    Measuring Ranges 3Ω/500Ω
    Output Voltage on Open Circuit 4.1V DC approx.
    Measuring Current 210mA DC min
    AC Voltage Range 0-600V AC
    General Specifications
    Power Source R6P (AA) (1.5V) x 6
    Dimensions (mm) 106 (L) 160 (W) 72 (D)
    Weight 560g approx.


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