SEW 890PR – 1.5M Non-Contact Three Phase Rotation and Sequence Tester with 1.5m leads

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    The SEW 890PR Non-Contact Three Phase Sequence and Rotation Tester is the perfect tool for verification of phase sequence without contacting live terminals. With its 1.5m longer leads and non-contact inductive clips, the SEW 890PR makes it easy to clip the sensors to the outside of each cable without removing the insulation. The tester is also used for detecting clockwise and counterclockwise phase sequence, as well as the presence or absence of phases. It has visual and audible indicators for clockwise and counterclockwise phase sequence or phase rotation, making it a highly versatile and user-friendly tool.

        SEW 890PR Datasheet


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    The SEW 890PR Non-Contact Three Phase Rotation and Sequence Tester has the ability to measure without contacting any live parts. The user simply clamps the three clamps onto each cable over the insulation and reads the status by way of the adjustable intensity LED’s, allowing either indoor or outdoor use. On switch on the SEW 890PR will  perform an LED status test to ensure all LED’s are functioning correctly before use and it will power off after 5 minutes if not connected to a live circuit.

    Once the SEW 890PR’s clamps are connected to the corresponding cables, the SEW 890PR will automatically display the presence of three phases on the three “power on” LED’s and will also display the direction of phase rotation with a clockwise or counterclockwise LED and a phase rotation map, showing the phase sequence.

    An audible buzzer signals the user with an intermittent tone for clockwise rotation, and a continuous tone for counterclockwise (incorrect) rotation. The SEW 890PR has four built in magnets, located on the rear of the instrument to allow for it to be held on a metal surface (switchboard door etc.)to enable handsfree use.

    SEW 890PR Features:

    ● The 890 PR is a Non-Contact phase detector with flashing LEDs and a beeping buzzer to show the detection of AC 3-phase sequence.
    ● Two functions in one unit : open phase & phase sequence detection.
    ● Convenient brightness switch to make the indication visible in dim areas or sunlight.
    ● Back cover magnets which attach the instrument to the AC distribution panel offer easy measurement.
    ● 3-Phase AC 70 to 1000V is fitted for detection.
    ● Conductor size: 1~35mm
    ● Detect frequency range is from 45 to 65Hz.
    ● CAT III  1000V /  CAT IV  600V Safety Rating

    Weight .25 kg


    SEW 890PR Non-Contact Three Phase Rotation and Sequence Tester Specifications:

    Measurement principle   Static induction
      Input voltage   70~1000Vac
      Frequency range   45-65Hz
      Auto-off   5 min. after power on without detection
      Low battery warning   Power LED flashes at
    4.6±0.1V or less
      Operating temperature
    & humidity
     0°C ~ 40°C Max. 80% R.H.
      Storage temperature
    & humidity
      -10°C ~ 50°C Max. 80% R.H.
      Cable length   Approx. 800mm 
      Dimensions   115(L) × 65(W) × 40(D)mm
      Weight (battery included)   Approx. 370g 
      Power source   1.5V (AA) × 4 Alkaline batteries
      Safety standard EN 61010-1 CAT III  1000V /  CAT IV  600V
    EN 61326-1
    EN 61557-1  EN 61557-7


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