SEW 1131IN – 1 kV Insulation-Continuity Tester with 2 ohm Continuity range

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    The SEW 1131IN 1 kV Insulation-Continuity Tester is your ultimate solution for precise and versatile testing. This compact, lightweight device mirrors the quality of the Kyoritsu 3132A, offering three insulation test voltages and two ranges for continuity testing. Equipped with a robust Taut Band Meter movement for accurate readings, an automatic discharge feature, and a live warning display for enhanced safety, it outperforms other testers on the market. Experience long-lasting performance with its overload protection and on-line battery monitoring system. The SEW 1131IN Tester, where superior functionality meets convenience.

    PDF download  SEW 1131IN Datasheet


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    Unleash the Power of SEW 1131IN 1 kV Insulation-Continuity Tester

    Welcome to the world of high precision testing with the SEW 1131IN 1 kV Insulation-Continuity Tester! This compact, lightweight, and efficient tester is the ultimate solution for all your testing needs. Simulating the effectiveness of Kyoritsu 3132A, it blends functionality and convenience, delivering the utmost performance in insulation and continuity testing.

    Built with a robust Taut Band Meter movement, the SEW 1131IN ensures the most accurate readings, making it an elite choice amongst professionals. It’s not just about efficacy, but also about versatility. With three insulation test voltages (DC): 250V, 500V, and 1000V, and two ranges for the continuity test: 2Ω & 20Ω, this tester empowers you to handle a wide array of testing scenarios.

    AC voltmeter with a linear scale up to 600Vac, 200mA continuity short-circuit current, and 1mA test current on insulation test at nominal voltage, exemplify the sheer power of this tester. Additionally, the automatic discharge feature for capacitive and inductive circuits under test, coupled with the live warning display, ensures safety beyond comparison.

    Constructed with long-term use in mind, the tester is fuse, air gap, crowbar, and overload-protected. To top it all off, it includes an on-line battery monitoring system, keeping it always ready for use. What’s more? The manual zero ohm adjustment feature, low battery consumption, and a mirror scale make it user-friendly and efficient. For those seeking continuous and hands-free testing, the push and turn locking switch comes as a boon.

    Experience the unparalleled testing proficiency with the SEW 1131IN 1 kV Insulation-Continuity Tester. With its compact design, high quality construction, and unparalleled features, no other tester on the market can match its capabilities!

    Weight .25 kg


    SEW 1131IN Insulation-Continuity Tester Specifications:

    Insulation Resistance
    Test voltage (DC V) 250V     /   500V   /   1000V
    Output voltage on open circuit Rated test voltage +10%
    Measuring ranges 0-100MΩ / 0-200MΩ / 0-400MΩ
    Mid-scale value 1MΩ     /   2MΩ     /     4MΩ
    Scale multiplier ×1/2     /     ×1       /       ×2
    Accuracy ± 5% of indicated value
    Output short- circuit current ≥ 1.0mA
    Measuring ranges 2Ω / 20Ω
    zero Ω adjustment by knob ˇ
    Output short- circuit current  ≥ 200 mA
    Accuracy ± 1.5% of scale length
    AC Voltage
    Range 0-600V AC
    Accuracy ± 3% of scale length
    Voltage warning Warning light circuit live lit From 90Vdc / 70Vac, Buzzer beep from 24V ac/dc
    Battery check Battery check indicate good batteries from 8.5Vdc to 13Vdc during a load test of 250mA.
    Battery OK Battery OK LED lit from 8.5Vdc and is operative while testing.
    Dimensions 175(L) × 85(W) × 75(D)mm
    Weight (battery included) Approx. 650g
    Power source 1.5V (AA) × 8
    Safety standard EN 61010-1 CAT III 600V EN 61326-1


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