PROVA Model CM-03 AC Leakage Current Tester

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    The PROVA Model CM-03 AC Leakage Current Tester is a highly accurate digital clamp meter for current measurements. It features 10µA resolution on the 40mA range, shielded transformer jaws to minimize external magnetic field interference and jaw opening of 30mm diameter. The unit comes with a large 3-3/4 digit LCD display and fast bargraph display for transient observation, as well as five ranges (40mA, 400mA, 4A, 40A and 60A) that enable users to use it for any application from measuring continuity to frequency. In addition, features such as Min/Max measurement storage, Data Hold and Relative Measurement functions make this an invaluable tool in any electrical workshop or engineering lab. With safety certifications of CAT II 600V and CAT III 300V respectively this tester is ideal for safely testing line leakage current levels with maximum precision.

    PDF download  Prova-1_CM-03_Datasheet

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    Are you looking for a reliable AC/DC digital clamp meter for current measurements? Look no further than the PROVA Model CM-03 tester! This powerful device is packed with features to make your current measurements easier and more accurate. From its 10µA resolution on 40mA range, to its five ranges of 40mA, 400mA, 4A, 40A, and 60A for all applications; this instrument has it all. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this tester so special.

    The PROVA Model CM-03 comes with shield transformer jaws to minimize the effect of external stray magnetic fields. It also boasts a jaw opening of 30mm diameter, making it ideal for just about any setting. The large 3-3/4 digit Liquid Crystal Display gives you clear readings, while the fast bargraph display is perfect for transient observation. You can even take advantage of the Min/Max and Data Hold functions, as well as continuity and frequency measurements.

    The easy single rotary switch allows you to select any function quickly and easily. With protection ratings of CAT II 600V or CAT III 300V, this tester is designed to last for years on end. Plus, with its affordable price tag, you won’t have to break the bank just to get a reliable current measurement device. With all these features, what more could you ask for? The PROVA Model CM-03 is the perfect choice for anyone looking to measure AC/DC currents accurately and efficiently. Get yours today!


    • Accurate AC/DC digital clamp meter for current measurements.
    • 10µA resolution on 40mA range.
    • Shield transformer jaws to minimize the effect of external stray magnetic fields.
    • Jaw opening: 30mm diameter.
    • Large 3-3/4 digit Liquid Crystal Display.
    • Fast bargraph display for transient observation.
    • Five Ranges: 40mA, 400mA, 4A, 40A, and 60A for all applications.
    • Continuity and Frequency measurements.
    • Min/Max, Data Hold, and Relative measurements.
    • Easy single rotary switch for any function selection.
    • CAT II 600V, CAT III 300V.

    Accessories supplied with instrument:

    Two 1.5 volt batteries (installed), User’s Manual, and Carrying Bag.

    Weight 0.3 kg


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