HT Italia VEGA74 Three-phase quality analyser

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    VEGA74 is a powerful single-phase/three-phase power quality analyser that can simultaneously measure and record 600 electrical parameters. Its user-friendly interface, featuring a color touchscreen display with an icon-based structure, makes it easy to use. VEGA74 is useful for identifying and addressing issues related to poor network quality, voltage abnormalities, harmonics, and high energy consumption. If these issues are left unchecked, they can escalate and become more difficult to control. VEGA74 allows users to transfer measurement data to a computer via USB or WiFi, where it can be analyzed using dedicated software and used to generate printed reports.

    3 Year Warranty

    PDF download  VEGA74 Datasheet     PDF download  VEGA74 User Manual

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    The HT Italia VEGA74 power quality analyser is a comprehensive measuring device that can accurately measure DC/AC TRMS voltage for single-phase and three-phase systems up to 600V. It also measures Current DC/AC TRMS single-phase and three-phase systems up to 3000A, Active, Reactive and Apparent Power/Energy, Cosphi and Power Factor, Voltage, Current, DC Power as well as other electrical parameters such as Neutral current measurement, Voltage dips and peaks on 20ms @50hz.

    In addition it provides analysis of electrical waveforms including voltage/current waveforms and harmonic histograms , THD%, calculation and recording of THD% voltages/currents. It also provides Voltage/current vector diagram and periodic recording with selectable PI between 2s and 30min, a maximum number of 600 quantities can be selected simultaneously, Voltage/current harmonic analysis up to the 49th, Recording autonomy indication and Recording of leakage currents. The Vega74 is an essential tool for anyone needing detailed analysis of electrical systems.

    The HT Italia VEGA74 is complete with four 3000A-rated Flex Probes, so you can rest assured that your project will be optimally powered.

    • 9 types of electrical systems available
    • DC/AC TRMS voltage for single-phase/three-phase systems up to 600V
    • Current DC/AC TRMS single-phase/three-phase systems up to 3000A
    • Active, Reactive and Apparent Power/Energy
    • Cosphi and Power Factor
    • Voltage, Current, DC Power
    • Neutral current measurement
    • Voltage dips and peaks on 20ms @50hz
    • Voltage dissymmetry (NEG%, ZERO%)
    • Voltage/current waveforms
    • Voltage/current harmonic histograms and THD%
    • Voltage/current vector diagram
    • Periodic recording with selectable PI between 2s and 30min
    • Maximum number of quantities that can be selected simultaneously 600
    • Voltage/current harmonic analysis up to the 49th
    • Calculation and recording THD% voltages/currents
    • Recording autonomy indication
    • Recording of leakage currents
    Weight 3 kg


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