HT ITALIA GSC60 Multifunction Electrical Analyzer

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The HT Italia GSC60 is a Multifunction Electrical Analyzer.

“No other instrument can match it’s versatility.”

NOTE: This is the Australian version with the correct wiring colours and RCM / C Tick certification and Hard ABS Wheeled Case.

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The GSC60 Measures:
  • Power Quality – 9 types of Electrical Systems (both single & 3 phase)
  • Installation Testing
  • Earth Resistance – 2 or 3 Pole
  • Soil Resistivity – 4 pole Wenner method
  • RCD Testing – A, AC & B
  • Insulation Resistance – up to 1000V
  • Continuity – test currents up to 200mA
  • Advanced Loop Testing
  • Phase Sequence
  • Leakage Current
  • Cat IV Safety Rating


pdf     GSC60 Brochure

pdf    GSC60 Technical Specification

pdf    GSC60 User Manual


The HT ITALIA GSC60 – One instrument for all electrical safety tests.


HT ITALIA GSC60 Multifunction Electrical Power Analyzer MEASURES:

›    Earth Resistance with 2- or 3-pole volt-ampere method in TT, TN and IT systems, non-trip earth loop impedance measurement, stackless earth ground resistance measurement  with T2100 (optional).

›    Soil Resistivity with 4 pole Wenner method.

›    RCD Testing type A, AC, B with test current up to 10A.**

›    Insulation Resistance measurement with test voltage up to 1000V.

›    Continuity measurement of protective conductors with test current up to 200mA.

›    Advanced Loop Testing of MCBs, fuses and cable sizing.

›    Measurement of phase sequence (SEQ).

›    Measurement and recording of environment parameters and leakage currents through external probes.

HT ITALIA GSC60 for the Analysis of Power Quality and Energy Consumption.

›    9 types of electrical systems: 1Φ-2wires, 1Φ-split phase, 3Φ-3 wires, 3Φ-Aron, 3Φ-Open Δ, 3Φ-Open Y, 3Φ-2 el. 1/2, 3Φ-4 wires Y, 3Φ-High Leg.

›    632 parameters can be recorded for over two months.

›    Real Time. Real-time display of all waveforms, harmonics, vector diagrams as well as summary function on phases for a quick reading of the most important parameters.

›    Voltage Anomalies. Detection of voltage anomalies with a resolution of 20ms.

›    Energy Saving. One click allows you to check all the electrical absorption of all the equipment connected to the main power supply and save on energy costs.

Live. Real Time Analysis.

Wi-Fi connection allows you to display wave forms, vector diagrams, harmonics and all electrical parameters for each phase on your tablet/smartphone/PC

GSC60 helps to dispel the myth that recording analysis is complex. App HTanalysis makes it simple and clear. Using ZOOM Functions you can display all the recorded quantities. JUMP Function displays harmonics in any recording step just by clicking on the quantity.

HT ITALIA GSC60 Functions:

     Touchscreen colour display
     Integrated WiFi connection and compatibility with HTANALYSIS App
     Continuity of protective circuit with 200mA
     Insulation with voltage 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000VDC
     Time/Current tripping of A, AC General, Selective and Delayed RCDs up to 1000mA
     Time/Current tripping of type B RCDs up to 300mA
     Tripping time and current of RCDs with separate clamp jaws type B, A, AC Standard, Selective and Delayed up to 10A
     Loop impedance P-N, P-P, P-PE and calculation of prospective short-circuit current
     Line/Loop impedance with high resolution (with optional accessory IMP57)
     Percentage voltage drop on the line
     Measurement and recording of leakage currents and environment parameters
 Three-phase Power quality and Energy consumption analysis:
♦   9 types of electrical systems:
♦   1Φ-2wires, 1Φ-split phase, 3Φ-3 wires, 3Φ-Aron, 3Φ-Open Δ, 3Φ-Open Y, 3Φ-2 el. 1/2, 3Φ-4 wires Y, 3Φ-High Leg.
     632 parameters can be recorded for over two months
     Voltage Anomalies (dips and peaks) with a resolution of 20ms @ 50Hz
     Measurement/recording of Active, Reactive, Apparent Power
     Measurement/recording of Active, Reactive, Apparent Energy
     Measurement/recording of Cosphi, Power Factor
     Measurement/Recording of Voltage and Current Harmonics up to 49th with THD%
     Voltage/current vector diagram
     Voltage/current waveforms
     Tables or histograms of Harmonics and THD%
     Summary table of main electric parameters
     Help on line on the display
     Protection category – CAT IV

Standard Accessories:

• HTFLEX33E AC flexible clamp for currents up to 3000A, diameter 174mm, 4 pieces
• C2033X 3-banana to Shuko plug cable
• UNIVERSALKITG3 Set of 4 cables, 4 alligator clips and 3 test leads
• KITTERRNE Soft carrying bag containing 4 cables and 4 earth rods
• PR400 Remote switch probe
• PT400 Stylus
• PELICAN style hard ABS case with wheels and telescopic handle
• TOPVIEW2006 PC software and optical-to-USB connection cable C2006
• YABAT0003000 Rechargeable NiMH battery 1.2V, AA, 6 pcs
• A0060 Power Supplier\Battery Charger 100/230Vac – 15Vdc, 10W CAT IV
• C7051 Power cable Shuko-Europlug ground-less 1.50mt
• SP-5100 Hands Free kit
• Quick user’s guide
• User’s manual on CD-ROM
• Calibration certificate ISO9000



Weight 8 kg

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