SEW 1120ER 3 Wire Digital Earth Resistance Tester

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    SEW 1120 ER 3 Wire Digital Earth Resistance Tester

    The 1120 ER is a professional instrument suitable for testing single earth electrodes such as lightning
    conductors and other small earthing systems.

    The unit can also measure the resistance of conductors such as continuity and conduit coupling joints.


    ● Waterproof: IP54
    ● Capable of measuring earth resistance and earth voltage
    ● 2mA measuring current permits the testing of earth    resistance without tripping earth leakage current    breakers in the circuit under test
    ● The test leads are supplied as standard accessories    for simplified two-wire measuring system
    ● Zero Ω adjustment
    ● Battery operated
    ● Data hold function
    ● Low battery indication



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    SEW 1120ER 3 Wire Digital Earth Resistance Tester

    Earth resistance can be measured directly from 0.01 ohms up to 1999 ohms. The reading is displayed on a large, easy-to-read digital display. The reading can be adjusted to 0Ω as a baseline control reading when shortcircuiting all of the test leads.

    The SEW 1120 ER makes measurements by passing a constant current through the device being tested and measuring the voltage across it. The earth resistance is then calculated by Ohm’s Law.

    The advanced circuitry of SEW 1120 ER permits the instrument to operate with minimal influence from earth voltage and earth resistance of the auxiliary spikes.

    . The calibration of the instrument is performed with the included test leads. When using all three test leads in the three-terminal method, accuracy is assured for most common applications. Alternatively, two-terminal measurements, though generally less accurate than three-terminal measurements, are also possible by shorting the P and C terminals or by using the simplified measurement probe.

    The test frequency of 820Hz avoids stray currents at power frequencies and their harmonics. Additionally, the 1120 ER utilizes a built-in filter to reject unwanted signals. The batteries are constantly being checked while in use. The rugged case is ideal for outdoor work. Earth electrode testing, which is an important part of electrical installation and maintenance procedures, is made easy with the 1120 ER. It can be used by electrical contractors or maintenance engineers to check the effectiveness of their earth electrode systems.

    SEW 1120ER Specifications:

    Measuring ranges  Earth resistance
    0-20Ω / 0-200Ω / 0-2000Ω
    Earth voltage
    0-200 Vac(40-500Hz)
     Accuracy  Earth resistance
    ±(2%rdg+2dgt) at 200/2000Ω
    ±(2%rdg+0.1Ω) at 20Ω
    Earth voltage  ±(1%rdg+2dgt)
     Earth resistance
     0-20Ω : 0.01Ω
    0-200Ω : 0.1Ω
    0-2000Ω : 1Ω
     Measuring system  Earth Resistance by constant
    current inverter 820Hz approx. 2mA
     Display  3½ digit (2000 counts)
     Open circuit
     LED will be unlit
     Low battery
    “Battery” symbol appears  on the display
     Data hold
    “Hold” symbol appears on the display
     Over range
     Dimensions  250(L) × 190(W) × 110(D)mm
    (battery included)
     Approx. 1500g
     Power source  1.5V (AA) × 8
     Safety standards  EN 61010-1 CAT III 300V
    IEC 61557-1 IEC 61557-5
    EN 61326-1
    Weight 1 kg


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