EXTECH 461920 Mini Laser Photo Tachometer Counter

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    • 461920 Tachometer Mini Laser Photo  Counter

    • Make non-contact RPM measurements of rotating objects

    • Use reflective tape on object to be measured and point the integral laser

    • Large 5 digit LCD display with backlighting

    • Memory button for Last/MAX/MIN readings

    • Counter function counts up to 99,999 revolutions

    • Rugged, double molded housing

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    Extech 461920 Tachometer Mini Laser Photo  Counter.

    Mini Laser Photo Tachometer Counter

    Make non-contact RPM measurements (2 to 99,999 rpm) of rotating objects by pointing the integral laser (1.6-foot target distance) at the reflective tape placed on the object to be measured.

    Features Overview

    Measurements are displayed on the easy-to-read large five-digit LCD screen. The memory button holds last reading and recalls min/max readings display. Counter function counts to 99,999 revolutions. Rugged double molded housing for better grip. Complete with 9-volt battery, reflective tape, and user manual.

    Tachometer Applications:

    Motor speed, moving fans, pumps, and gears, propeller devices, and many other general maintenance, production, and automotive uses.

    What is a Tachometer?

    A tachometer is a device that measures the angular speed of a rotating shaft in terms of revolutions per minute (RPM). Also, a tachometer can measure linear speed in terms of feet per minute (feet/minute) or meters per minute.

    How do Contact Tachometers Operate?

    The sensor tip is placed in direct contact with the rotating object. After 2 seconds an accurate reading is displayed. Linear surface speed can also be measured by placing the edge of the wheel on the moving object.

    How do Photo (Non-contact) Tachometers Operate?

    First, a small piece of reflective tape (approximately 1/4-inch) is mounted on the object to be measured. Second, the light beam or laser is pointed at the revolving tape. The reflection from the tape provides a reading to be displayed and updated once per second. For the most accurate measurements, the distance between the tachometer and the reflective tape should be within 6 inches for a light beam and up to 6.5 feet for a laser. Fluorescent or bright ambient lights may interfere with the measurement.

    Which Extech Tachometer Model Is the One for You?

    A non-contact (photo) tachometer was designed for applications where it is not feasible to have the tachometer come in contact with the rotating device. This is the case in high-speed applications and/or where the object to be measured is not easily reached. A contact tachometer is also available for applications where direct contact of the tachometer with the object is preferred. You can also select a combination (contact/non-contact) tachometer for the maximum in flexibility.

    Accessory: Reflective Tape for Photo Tachometers

    For use with any brand Photo Tachometer. Place a piece of reflective tape on the object to be measured and point the tachometer’s integral light beam at it. Ten reflective tape strips.

    RPM range 2 to 99,999rpm
    Count range 1 to 99,999rev (revolution)
    Max Target Distance 1.6ft (500mm)
    Basic Accuracy ±0.05%
    Resolution 0.1rpm, 1rev
    Memory Min/Max/Last
    Dimensions 160 x 60 x 42mm
    Weight 151g


    Weight .5 kg


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