Metrel MI 3115 PV Analyser – Advanced Photovoltaic System Tester with Wi-Fi Connectivity and Comprehensive Safety Compliance

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    Elevate your photovoltaic system testing with the MI 3115 PV Analyser, a cutting-edge tool designed for the modern professional. Offering comprehensive testing capabilities, including insulation resistance, PE conductor continuity, and I/V curve characteristics, this analyser guarantees precision and adherence to international standards. With real-time data acquisition, a wireless remote unit, and an auto-test functionality, it simplifies operations, saving you time and enhancing efficiency. Its advanced data management through Metrel Smart Cloud Pro and compliance with a wide range of safety and EMC standards ensure both user safety and accuracy. Ideal for electricians, installers, and technicians, the MI 3115 PV Analyser is the perfect addition to your toolkit, providing reliability and user-friendliness. Get yours today and ensure optimal performance and safety in your photovoltaic installations.

    As part of the overall promotion for the MI 3115 PV Analyser, you can now get the P 1405 5-year Metrel Smart Cloud Pro subscription for free until the end of 2024. Unlock this limited-time offer!


    PDF download MI 3115 PV Analyser Datasheet

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    Boost your photovoltaic system testing to new heights with the cutting-edge MI 3115 PV Analyser, an indispensable instrument designed to optimize performance and safety in high-voltage photovoltaic installations. This state-of-the-art analyser is your go-to solution for comprehensive testing in line with the IEC 62446 standard, catering to both 1500 V systems for initial inspections, periodic testing, post-maintenance evaluations, and troubleshooting.

    Why Choose the MI 3115 PV Analyser?

    • Comprehensive Testing Range: From insulation resistance of PV strings to the continuity of PE conductors, polarity, Isc and Uoc tests, and I/V curve characteristics. The MI 3115 covers all category 1 and category 2 tests with precision.
    • Real-Time Data Acquisition: Equipped with a wireless (Wi-Fi) remote unit (A 1785 PV Remote WL), it measures and logs irradiation and the cell temperature of PV modules in real-time, ensuring accurate monitoring of system health.
    • Simplified Process with Auto Test: Category 1 tests are collected in one auto test function, allowing for the execution of all essential tests with a single touch, streamlining the testing process and saving valuable time.
    • Wireless Convenience: The Wi-Fi remote unit adds flexibility and efficiency, enabling measurements and logging from a distance, perfect for large or difficult-to-navigate installations.
    • Advanced Data Management: Comes with access to Metrel Cloud Reports and Storage (24 GB) under the P 1405 5-year Metrel Smart Cloud Pro subscription, offering professional report generation and data storage capabilities. Enjoy these services for FREE until the end of 2024.
    • Safety and Accuracy: Adherence to multiple safety standards ensures the safety of the user and accuracy of the equipment. From basic safety requirements to EMC safety, the MI 3115 PV Analyser is rigorously tested and compliant.

    MI 3115 PV Analyser in use


    Time-Saving Features

    • Capacitive Measurement Method: Innovative approach for quicker and more accurate readings.
    • Large Colour Touch Screen Display: Easy test selection, result storage, and review, all through a user-friendly interface.
    • Memory Organizer and Search Functionality: Easily manage, search, and operate on single or groups of measurements.

    Included Standards

    • Compliance with a broad range of standards including IEC/EN 60364, IEC/EN 61557 for electrical safety, IEC/EN 62446 for photovoltaic systems, and many more, ensuring the device’s reliability and professionalism in electrical testing.

    Perfect Tool for Professionals

    Whether it’s for first inspections, periodic testing, maintenance evaluations, or troubleshooting, the MI 3115 PV Analyser is ideal for professional electricians, photovoltaic system installers, and maintenance technicians looking for a reliable, comprehensive, and user-friendly testing solution.

    Get Yours Today!

    Upgrade your testing toolkit with the MI 3115 PV Analyser and ensure your photovoltaic systems are performing optimally, adhering to safety standards, and reducing the risk of downtime.

    Weight 1.5 kg



    Photovoltaic measurements


    Measuring range



    20.0 … 199.9 VDC

    200 … 1699 VDC

    ±(1 % of reading + 2 digits)

    ±1 % of reading


    0.10 0.99 ADC

    1.00 … 9.99 ADC

    10.00 … 19.99 ADC

    ±6 digits

    ±(1 % of reading + 3 digits)

    ±1 % of reading


    0.2 … 199.9 W

    200 … 1999 W

    2.00 k … 19.99 kW

    20.0 k … 29.9 kW

    ±(2 % of reading + 5 digits)

    ±2 % of reading

    ±2 % of reading

    ±2 % of reading

    I/U curve

    1500 V/ 20 A / 24 kW

    Irradiation (A 1834)

    300 … 999 W/m2

    1.00 … 1.75 kW/m2

    ± (4 % + 5 digits)

    ±4 % of reading

    Temperature (A 1833)

    -10.0 … 85.0 C

    ±5 digits

    Electrical installation measurements

    Insulation resistance Roc-, Roc+

    Um = 250 V d.c.

    0.12 … 19.99 MΩ

    20.0 … 199.9 MΩ

    ±(5 % of reading + 3 digits)

    ±10 % of reading

    Um = 500 V d.c., 1000 V d.c.

    and 1500 V d.c.

    0.12 … 19.99 MΩ

    20.0 … 199.9 MΩ

    200 … 999 MΩ

    ±(5 % of reading + 3 digits)

    ±5 % of reading

    ±5 % of reading

    Insulation resistance Roc

    Calculated value

    Continuity, 200 mA

    0.00 … 19.99 Ω

    20.0 … 199.9 Ω

    200 … 1999 Ω

    ±(3 % of reading + 3 digits)

    ±5 % of reading

    ±10 % of reading


    Main unit

    Remote unit


    Colour TFT display, 4.3”, 480 x 272 pixels with touch screen

    128×64 dots matrix display with backlight

    Power supply

    Li-Ion, 14.4 V, 4400mAh,


    9 VDC

    (6×1.5 V battery or accu, size AA)

    Overvoltage category Protection classification Pollution degree

    Degree of protection

    CAT II / 300V

    Reinforced insulation 2

    IP 54 (cover closed) IP 40 (cover opened)

    IP 40


    up to 4000 m


    Memory card slot, microSD card, up to 512 GB

    Number of memorized results: > 3000, circular buffer

    Connectivity RS232


    Bluetooth Wi-Fi

    1 port, DB9 female

    USB 2.0, standard Type-B

    v4.2 BR/EDR and BLE specification

    802.11 b/g/n (802.11n up to 150 Mbps) (Only for communication with

    A 1785 – PV Remote WL)

    1 port, PS2

    USB 2.0, standard Type-B

    802.11 b/g/n (802.11n up to 150 Mbps)

    (Only for communication with PV Main Unit)

    Size ( l x h x w )

    420 x 180 x 330 mm

    140 x 80 x 230 mm


    6.8 kg

    1 kg


    • Insulation and I/U measurement of 1500 V PV systems in one instrument.
    • Capacitive measurement method.
    • Wireless (Wi-Fi) remote unit for measuring and logging of irradiation and cell temperature of PV modules.
    • Auto test for Category1 tests.
    • Calculation of STC values and comparison with nominal data.
    • Correction of previously wrong entered parameters on already executed measurement or group of measurements.
    • The instrument is controlled via a large colour touch screen display from which the user can prepare and start the selected test or measurement, store results, and review them in numerical and graphical form.
    • Memory organizer, operations on single or group of measurements, search functionality.
    • PV modules database handler.
    • PC SW Metrel ES Manager enables pre-preparation of measurement structure and measurements, upload or download that structure and then reviews the results, enables advanced analysis of the I/U curve, PV modules DB explorer and generation of professional report.


    • Testing of big 1500 V PV plants
    • First inspection testing
    • Periodic testing
    • Maintenance testing
    • Evaluation and troubleshooting
    • Report generation


    • 1500 V insulation resistance of strings;
    • Continuity of PE conductors;
    • Polarity test;
    • Isc and Uoc test;
    • I/U characteristics;
    • Wireless acquisition of irradiation and temperature of PV modules.


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