UNI-T UT705 Current Loop Calibrator

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    The UT705 is a high performance device for process loop calibration and maintenance.

    Designed with high-accuracy DC current and transmitter analogue current outputs, UT705 has DC voltage/current and loop current measurement functions with button settings, selectable steps and ramp outputs to help user work more efficiently and accurately.

    It features LCD backlight display, auto power off and 1 metre drop proof.

    PDF Datasheet  UT705 User Manual


    UNI-T UT705 Current Loop Calibrator

    The UT705 is a hand-held loop calibrator with stable performance and up to 0.02% high accuracy. UT705 can measure DC voltage/current and loop current, source/simulate DC current.

    It is designed with auto stepping and ramping, the 25% stepping function can be used for fast linearity detection.

    The storage/recall feature also improves user’s efficiency.

    UNI-T UT705 Features

    • Measures: DC voltage, DC current, 4-20mA loop current
    • Output functions: DC current, analogue transmitter, 24V loop
    • Up to 0.02% output and measurement accuracy
    • Compact and ergonomic design, easy to carry
    • Solid and reliable, suitable for on-site use
    • Auto stepping and ramping output for fast linearity detection
    • Conduct mA measurement while providing loop power to the transmitter
    • Save frequently-used settings for future use
    • Adjustable backlight display brightness
    • Convenient battery replacement

    Included Accessories

    • User manual
    • Test leads
    • Alligator clip
    • 9V battery
    • Warranty card
    Weight 0.5 kg


    UNI-T UT705 Current Loop Calibrator Specifications:

    Specifications Range Accuracy
    Measure accuracy
    DC voltage (V) 30.000V ±(0.02+2)
    DC current (A) 24.000mA ±(0.02+2)
    Loop current 24.000mA ±(0.02+2)
    Source accuracy
    DC current (source) 24.000mA ±(0.02+2)
    DC current (simulate) 24.000mA ±(0.02+2)
    Loop power function Voltage: 24V
    Accuracy: 10%
    Ramp functions Source functions: Voltage, resistance, temperature
    Ramps: Slow ramp, fast ramp, 25% step-ramp
    Step functions Source functions: Voltage, resistance, temperature
    Steps: 25% of range, 100% of range
    General Characterisitics
    Power 9V battery (6F22)
    Display 63mm x 40mm
    Product color Red and grey
    Product net weight 410g
    Product size 96mm x 193mm x 47mm
    Standard accessories Test leads, battery


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