Tenmars TM-197 Magnetic Field Gaussmeter

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    The Tenmars TM-197 is a versatile and easy-to-use gaussmeter that has a 5 digit LCD display with backlight, perfect for most applications. With a displaying value up to 30000, this device will have you covered. Whether you need to measure the magnetic field generated from direct current, alternating current, or residual magnetic after processing, the TM-197 can handle it. Additionally, this gaussmeter is essential for measuring the magnetic field strength of motors in various electrical appliances, permanent magnets, and superconductive magnets. If you’re looking for a reliable and accurate magnetic field gaussmeter, the Tenmars TM-197 is the perfect choice.

    PDF download  Tenmars TM-197 User Manual

    The Tenmars TM-197 is a Magnetic Field Gaussmeter that can magnetic field generated from Direct Current (DC, with display by N/S Magnetic polarity) or Alternating Current (AC in 40-500Hz). This product can measure magnetic fields from 0 to 3000 milliTesla (mT) or 0 to 30000 Gauss (G). It has an auto range function that automatically takes measurements. Tenmars TM-197 can use to measure residual magnetic after processing of mechanical parts. It also has the ability to measure the field strength of magnetic applications, magnetic force of magnetic materials.

    The product is perfect for detecting the magnetic field of leakage generated from superconductive magnets. Additionally, it can measure the magnetic force of magnetic materials and various steel materials with natural magnetism. Lastly, the Tenmars TM-197 is an essential tool for measuring the magnetic field strength generated from stress after processing of stainless material.

    Tenmars TM-197 Magnetic Field Gaussmeter Features:

    • Range:0~3000 mlli-Tesla (mT),  0~30000 Gauss (G), Auto Ranging.
    • DC N/S polarity of magnetic field display.
    • The unit converts: 1mT=10G (Gauss)
    • DC N/S polarity of magnetic field display.
    • Relative / Peak Hold / Real time Zero function.
    • LCD Back-light: Manually in a back-light to open And close, connect as connecting the power, in a back-light and long and on, it is in a back-light to connect the power and remove to close.
    • DATA HOLD.
    • MAX/MIN hold.
    • GO and NO-GO alarm and alarm value set up the function, Production testing.
    • Gauss/Tesla unit selection.
    • Manual 200 capacity records.
    • Auto 6000 capacity data logging, interval is set up by PC.
    • Maximum and minimum average: record the data downloaded to the computer, automatically out of the calculation of the top 10 maximum / 10 minimum / average.
    • Transmission interface: USB interface to send data + PC connection application software, real time function.
    • Power: 9V AAA*6.
    • Operating temperature and humidity: 5℃ ~ 40℃,
    • External AC 100~240V to DC 9V/0.5A power supply.

    Gaussmeter Applications:

    • DC magnetic field meter measuring static magnetic strength.
    • An electromagnetic wave (AC) simply means the wave motion of the electromagnetic field (EMF).
    • Measuring extremely low frequency (ELF) of 40 to 500Hz.
    • Capable of measuring the electromagnetic field radiation intensity that is produced from electric transmission equipment, lower line, microwave oven, air conditioner, refrigerator, computer monitor, video/audio device and so forth.
    • The magnetic field unit is Tesla (T)Gauss (G),  milli-Gauss (mG) or micro-Tesla (uT).
    • 1 T=10,000 G, 1uT=10 mG, 1 G=1,000 mG

    Tenmars TM-197 Magnetic Field Gausmeter Specifications:

      Accuracy at 23 ±3ºC, RH<85%

    Weight .5 kg


    Specifications: Range: Resolution: Accuracy:
    DC milli Tesla 300.00 mT 0.01 mT ±(4% + 10dgt)
    2000.0 mT 0.1 mT
    2000.1 ~3000.0 mT 0.1 mT NA
    DC Gauss 3000.0G 0.1G ±(4% + 10dgt)
    20,000G 1G
    20,001 ~ 30,000 G 1G NA
    AC milli Tesla 150.00mT 0.01 mT ±(5% + 20dgt)
    1500.0mT 0.1 mT
    AC Gauss 1500.0G 0.1G
    15,000G 1G


    Range -20~50℃/-4~122℉
    Resolution ±0.1℃/±0.1℉
    Accuracy ±1.0℃/±1.8℉


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