REED MO-2002 High Accuracy Digital Milliohm Meter

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    A High Accuracy Digital MilliohmMeter (MO-2002) is an ideal bench type digital tools for measuring the resistance of components precisely. The Reed Mo-2002 measure protective conductors, lightning conductors and welded points.


    Authorised Australian Distributor.


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    REED MO-2002 Features

    • 4 terminal input for high accuracy of low resistance
    • Wide measuring range: 0.01mΩ to 20kΩ,7 ranges
    • Large LED display
    • LSI circuitry provides high accuracy, reliability and durability
    • HI/LOW warning setup
    • Built-in overload protection
    • 4-wire with 2 Kelvin clips included
    • Dimensions: 11 x 8.3 x 3.5″
    • Weight: 4.85 lbs

    How to use Reed High Accuracy Digital Milliohm Meter (MO-2002)

    Ground Resistance Measurement
    To maintain the meter in high accuracy, Reed MO-2002 is designed according to the “4 WIRES MEASURING PRINCIPAL”. Start using your Milliohm meter by selecting the measuring range from 20 m ohm to 20K ohm according to your requirement. Switch the ” Set/Test Switch” at the “Test” position. If you don’t know the resistance value of the resistor always select the highest range (20K ohm). Now connect the cables to the MO-2002’s terminals and read the measurement value on the display.

    This Digital Milliohm Meter comes with Hi/Lo warning function. To set the Hi and Lo warning value, using the “Hi/Lo selector” by adjusting the “HI Set VR” / “LO Set VR” until the LED display shows 180.9. / 179.1.Clip the resistor with the 4 wire Kelvin Clips and set the ” Test/Set Selector ” ( 3-4, Fig. 1 ) at ” Test ” position. At the mean time the LED display tells you the resistance value of the resistor and you can judge whether the value is within accuracy by watching the HI, GO, LO indicator.

    Weight 2 kg


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