Martindale CMi210 AC/DC TRMS Insulation Clamp Meter

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    The Martindale CMi210 is a unique insulation clamp meter for the installation, testing and maintenance of domestic and industrial installations.

    This high specification clamp meter can perform insulation tests to 6 GigOhms with 5 test voltages from 50V to 1000V and is CAT IV 600V, CAT III 1000V safety rated




    The Martindale CMi210 AC/DC TRMS Insulation Clamp Meter provides True RMS measurement of AC current to 1500A and AC voltage to 750V and Insulation testing to 1000V.

    It will also measure DC current to 2000A and DC voltage to 1000V.

    Martindale CMi210 Features:

    • Insulation resistance test from 50V to 1000V up to 6GΩ
    • Insulation resistance test to 6GΩ
    • True RMS AC current 1500A
    • DC current to 2000A
    • True RMS voltage to 750V
    • DC voltage to 1000V
    • CAT IV 600V, CAT III 1000V Safety Rating
    • Continuity with audible indication
    • Duty cycle, resistance, capacitance , frequency, temperature
    • Tests DC voltage to 1000V
    • Test AC voltage to 750V
    • Resistance testing with range up to 60MΩ
    • Capacitance measurements to 6mF
    • Frequency testing to 10MHz
    • Duty cycle calculations
    • Temperature measurements using type K thermocouple
    • Insulation testing with selectable testing voltage of 50V, 100V, 250V, 500V and 1000V

    The CMi210 has all the same test functions you would expect to find on a high specification multimeter with the added benefit of temperature measurement.

    Martindale CMi210 Specifications

    Current AC True RMS 0.1A to 1500A (2 ranges)
    Accuracy 2.5% rdg + 10 dgt (≤ 600A) 60Hz
    Current DC 0.1A to 2000A (2 ranges)
    Accuracy 2.0% + 5 dgt (≤600A)
    Voltage AC True RMS 0.001V to 750V, autoranging
    Accuracy 1.5% rdg + 8 dgt
    Voltage DC 0.001V to 1000V autoranging (5 ranges)
    Accuracy 0.5% rdg + 2 dgt
    Insulation resistance 300kΩ-6GΩ depending on voltage test
    Accuracy 250-1000V 1.5% +5
    Capacitance 0.001µF to 6.6mF (4 ranges)
    Frequency 0.01Hz to 10MHz (7 ranges)
    Resistance ranges 600Ω, 6kΩ, 60kΩ, 600kΩ, 6MΩ, 60MΩ
    Resolution 0.1Ω on 600Ω
    Accuracy 1.0% rdg + 5 dgt on 600Ω to 600kΩ
    Temperature -50°C to 1300°C (-58°F to 2372°F) K-type probes
    Continuity buzz at <40Ω
    Maximum conductor 55mm diameter or 70mm x 18mm bus bar
    Features Diode test, duty cycle
    Dimensions 326 x 108 x 53mm
    Weight 720g approx. incl batteries
    Includes Batteries, case, TL45 test leads, type K thermocouple and manual
    Weight 1 kg


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