Yokogawa 30032A 1µA to 60A Leakage Current Clamp-On Meter with High-Performance Harmonic Filter for Precise Electrical Testing

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    The Yokogawa 30032A 1uA/60A Leakage Current Clamp-On Meter ensures precise and reliable leakage current measurements with its high-performance harmonic filter, boosting efficiency and reducing costs.

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    Yokogawa 30032A 1uA/60A Leakage Current Clamp-On Meter

    Introducing the Yokogawa 30032A 1uA/60A Leakage Current Clamp-On Meter, an indispensable tool for professionals in electrical testing and maintenance. This advanced meter is designed to precisely measure leakage currents as low as 1µA, making it ideal for verifying the insulation of low-voltage circuits and electrical components. With the capability to measure a wide range of current types—from minuscule leakage currents with a resolution of 0.001mA to substantial load currents up to 60A—the Yokogawa 30032A is versatile and reliable.

    Exceptional Features and Benefits

    Superior Measurement Accuracy

    The Yokogawa 30032A excels in measuring leakage currents without interference from external magnetic fields. It boasts an impressively low typical influence of only 0.0005% from adjacent cables, ensuring precise readings every time.

    Durability and Strength

    Constructed with durability in mind, the clamp of the Yokogawa 30032A has been engineered to withstand over 50,000 opening/closing events. Additionally, it offers twice the tensional strength compared to earlier models from Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Corporation, ensuring long-lasting performance under rigorous usage conditions.

    User-Friendly Design

    The clamp lever on the Yokogawa 30032A is extended by 30%, allowing for smooth operations even when dealing with thick cables up to 40mm in diameter. This enhanced design feature ensures ease of use and improved efficiency during testing procedures.

    Safety Compliance

    Rest assured, the Yokogawa 30032A conforms to rigorous safety standards, including EN 61010-1 and EN 61010-2-032 (CAT III 300V, pollution degree 2). This compliance underscores the device’s commitment to safety and reliability in varied working environments.

    Harmonic Filter Function (Available in the Yokogawa 30032A)

    What is a Harmonic?

    Harmonics refer to sinusoidal quantities having frequencies that are integral multiples of a fundamental frequency, such as the commercial frequency. When a harmonic is superimposed on the fundamental frequency, the result is a distorted waveform, which can complicate measurements.

    Importance of Accurate Leakage Current Measurement

    In power distribution equipment, accurately measuring the leakage current is crucial for assessing the insulation of electrical circuits. Harmonic currents can distort these measurements, leading to incorrect assessments of electrical isolation. To address this, it is essential to filter out the harmonic components to measure only the leakage current at the fundamental frequency.

    Innovative Harmonic Filter Technology

    The Yokogawa 30032A incorporates a cutting-edge harmonic filter, which addresses the limitations of conventional leakage clamp-on testers. Traditional testers often failed to adequately remove harmonic components, resulting in inflated leakage current values that necessitated additional testing with insulation testers—adding to the effort and cost. The Yokogawa 30032A overcomes this challenge by employing a high-performance harmonic filter, ensuring precise measurement of the fundamental frequency leakage current.

    Why Choose the Yokogawa 30032A?

    Precision and Reliability

    Experience unparalleled accuracy and reliability with the Yokogawa 30032A. Its advanced features and capabilities make it an essential tool for effectively managing and maintaining electrical systems.

    Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

    The built-in harmonic filter technology minimizes the need for repetitive testing, saving both time and resources. This feature alone can significantly reduce the operational costs associated with maintaining power distribution equipment.

    Versatile Applications

    Whether you’re dealing with low-voltage circuits or high-load currents, the Yokogawa 30032A is a versatile solution that meets various testing requirements. Its broad current measurement range and exceptional interpolation accuracy make it suitable for multiple applications.

    Upgrade your toolkit with the Yokogawa 30032A 1uA/60A Leakage Current Clamp-On Meter—your dependable partner in achieving precise and efficient electrical testing.

    Weight 1 kg


    Yokogawa 30032A Specifications

    Yokogawa 30032A General Specifications
    Method of Detection Mean Value
    Diameter of Measurable conductor ±40MM at maximum
    Display LCD Digital Display: 3200 Counts
    Bar-graph Display: 32 Segments
    “OL” over-range indication
    Yokogawa-30031A-batt Low-battery symbol
    Yokogawa-30031A-DH Data hold symbol
    Measurement Cycle Digital Display: 2 times/Seconds
    Bar-Graph Display: 12 times/second
    Range Switching Auto-Range
    Data Hold On All range
    Ambient Temperature and Humidity 0-50°C, 85% RH or less (no condensation)
    Temperature coefficient 0.05% of range/°C or less (within the ranges of 0-18°C and 25-50°C for measurement of 0-50A)
    Influence of external Magnetic Field 0.0005% typical*1 (on current value of adjacent cable)
    Influence of Conductor Position Within Accuracy
    Circuit Voltage 300Vrms or less
    Withstanding Voltage 3.7kV AC for one minute
    Power Supply CR2032 (coin-shaped) 3V x1
    Battery Life Approx. 90 hours (continuous use)
    Auto Power-off Approx. 10 Minutes
    Dimensions Approx. 70(W)x176(H)x25(D)mm
    Weight Approx. 200g
    AC current measurement
    Filter function OFF
    Accuracy: ± (% of reading + digits)
    Range Resolution Accuracy Maximum
    Allowable Current
    3mA 0.001mA 0.010 < I ≤32.70mA:
    30mA 0.01mA 32.70mA
    30A 0.01A 0.05 < I ≤50.0A:1.0%+5
    50.0 < I ≤60.6A:5.0%+5
    60A 0.1A 60.6A
    Filter function ON
    3mA 0.001mA 0.010 < I ≤32.70mA:
    30mA 0.01mA 32.70mA
    30A 0.01A 0.05 < I ≤50.0A:1.5%+5
    50.0 < I ≤60.6A:5.5%+5
    60A 0.1A 60.6A
    Note: Input current of 2nd-order and higher harmonics
    : 150 mA rms maximum in the 3 mA/30 mA range
    : 62 A rms maximum in the 30 A/60 A range
    Filter specifications (3 mA and 30 mA ranges and 30 A and 60 A ranges)
    Amplitude ratio at 100 Hz: -38 dB (1.26%) or less (typical: -41 dB)
    Amplitude ratio at 120 Hz: -53 dB (0.22%) or less (typical: -56 dB)
    Zero correction
    3 mA range: Displays 0.000 mA (zero) when 0.010 mA < I
    30 A range: Displays 0.00 A (zero) when 0.05 A < I



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