Wavecom TnT RCD – Portable Appliance Tester with RCD Function

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    The TnT RCD appliance tester is the most affordable offering from our latest generation of appliance testers. Offering a wide range of tests, a long lasting Lithium Ion Battery and an integrated Isolation Transformer for RCD Testing, the Portable TnT RCD Appliance Tester offers amazing value. With our renowned one button testing and easy to read results screen, the TnT RCD will make your PAT testing a breeze.

    Key Features

    • Class I, Class II, RCD, Leakage, Extension Lead tests

    • True RCD Trip Time and Ramp Up Test

    • Simplified one button test procedures

    • High power Lithium Ion Battery – Conduct over 3000 sets of Tests and Tag Prints on a single charge

    • Built In Isolation Transformer circuitry for portable RCD Testing

    • Meter mode function

    • 10 Amp and 20 Amp Load Current Capacity versions available

    • Backlit display with easy to read results screen

    • Conditional 24 month warranty

    • Fully Australian designed & manufactured

    PDF Logo  TnT RCD Datasheet


    The TnT RCD Portable Appliance Tester boasts a comprehensive list of tests and analysis as required under the AS/NZS 3760:2010 Standards, with 10 amp (TnT RCD) and 20 amp (TnT RCD 20A) current load capacity versions available. Conducting tests is simple with one button test procedures and easy to read results.

    With the flexibility of lithium ion battery power, the TnT RCD Appliance Tester gives you greater versatility with your testing than ever before. The internal lithium ion battery comes with safety focused design and more capacity to run the tester for up to 3000 sets of tests on a single charge.

    The new TnT RCD design has isolation functionality built in, eliminating the need for bulky external isolation transformers, making RCD tests quicker and easier. The TnT RCD is designed for high power efficiency and faster data processing and also comes with AC/DC power operation.

    Designed and manufactured in Australia to meet stringent testing requirements – some of the tighest in the world – TnT RCD now sets its own new standard of reliability and ruggedness, and now features a 24 month conditional warranty.

    Weight 2 kg



    Mains Supply Tests Checks Polarity and continuity of mains supply by LED indicators

    (A-N, A-E, and N-E). (Flashing red LED indicates test fail)

    Class I Tests –

    Earthed Appliance

    Appliance Check: Ensures appliance is plugged in and turned on.

    Earth Bond Test: 200mA test current. Pass level Less than 1.0 Ω. Measurement: 0.01Ω to 10 Ω.

    Insulation Test: 500VDC / 250VDC. Pass level Greater than 1M Ω. Measurement: 0.1Ω to 10MΩ.

    *See also Leakage Test

    Class II Tests –

    Double Insulated Appliance.                       

    Appliance Check: Ensures appliance is plugged in and turned on.

    Insulation Test: 500VDC / 250VDC. Pass level greater than 1MΩ. Measurement: 0.1Ω to 10MΩ.

    *See also Leakage Test

    Extension Lead Tests Leakage Current: 0 to 30.0mA at 200 to 265

    Load Current: 0.0 to 10Amp (20Amp for TnT RCD 20A)

    Voltage: 200 to 265VAC – Power Factor: 0.00 to 1.00

    Apparent Power: 0 to 2400VA -Power 0 to 2400W

    Meter Mode® Green flashing LED denotes Meter Mode is engaged

    Load Current: 0.0 to 10Amp

    Voltage: 200 to 265VAC

    Apparent Power: 0 to 2400VA

    Power: 0 to 2400W

    RCD Tests Trip Current: 2 to 500mA in 1mA steps – User selectable.

    Trip Time: 0 to 3,000ms at .001sec resolution.

    Current Ramp Trip Test: 0 to 500mA in 1mA increments.

    Test at 0 and 180 cycle

    Leakage Tests Leakage Current: 0 to 30.0mA at 200 to 265V

    Earth Leakage Test: 240VAC Mains. Pass level 1, 2.5, 5.0 mA leakage test levels

    Note 1: Pass level for CLASS 1 is 5 mA; pass level for CLASS 2 is 1 mA

    Note 2: Leakage test may be performed if a standard CLASS 1 or CLASS 2 is not possible

    Battery 4800 mAH, 44WH, Charge Time Around 4 Hours


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