MEGGER MIT410/2 -| 50/100/250/500/1000 V Insulation and Continuity Tester, PI, DAR and switch probe

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    • CAT IV 600 V Rated
    • Adjustable insulation test voltages – provides 50 V to 1000 V.
    • Dual digital display readout
    • Weatherproof to IP54
    • Digital and analogue arc display
    • Adjustable continuity limit alarm
    • Automatically performs PI and DAR tests
    • True RMS voltage measurement
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    The new Megger MIT410 insulation and continuity tester is designed for electrical testing by power utilities, industrials, telecommunication companies, commercial/domestic electricians and anyone with unique test voltage requirements.

    For Service, Repair and Maintenance:
    The MIT410 adds additional features required for technicians and engineers working on more demanding applications. Functions such as PI and DAR, capacitance measurement and a higher insulation range increase the suitability for applications such as:

       Plant maintenance and production testing
       Panelboard testing
       Railway and other transportation maintenance and testing
       Motor testing
       Cable inspection/quality control
       Street lighting maintenance
       Avionics ground testing and maintenance
       Military hardware and facility maintenance

    Model applications
    These models include all the features required for electricians, technicians and engineers working in a range of industries. Available features are selected to make testing easy and fast in a range of situations.

      Building/Factorys electrical maintenance
      Large and small scale electrical installations
      Periodic electrical systems inspection and testing
      Cable testing

    Features and benefits:

    • CAT IV 600 V rating – provides greater safety when testing at higher voltage levels
    • Adjustable insulation test voltages – 50/100/250/500/1000 V
    • Dual digital display readout – allows display of complimentary test information simultaneously (for example: M½ plus test voltage or MΩ plus leakage current)
    • Digital and analog arc display – includes not only the digital readout but also Megger’s patented analog arc to replicate the response of a moving coil display
    • Exceptional measurement range from 20 GΩ to 200 G½ – highest insulation test range available on the market, providing a superior range of measurement applications.
    • Choice of 20 mA or 200 mA continuity testing – allows user to select lower continuity range thus increasing battery life considerably
    • Continuity auto-test capability – enables real twohanded operation without the need to press the test button
    • Adjustable continuity limit alarm – allows pass/fail limits to be sent to speed testing
    • Automatically perform PI and DAR tests – user is able to quickly perform two important diagnostic tests. . . Polarization Index (PI) and Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR)
    • True RMS voltage measurement – allows accurate voltage measurement on noisy lines
    • Auto ranging voltage measurement – automatically adjusts range from millivolts to 600 V AC or DC,
    • eliminating the need to keep changing ranging
    • Live circuit warning – automatically warns of contact to a live circuit, voltage is displayed and testing is inhibited
    • Auto fuse warning – warns of fuse failure automatically.
    • No need to test the fuse manually.
    • Buzzer select button – enable or disable buzzer as required with resistance also displayed on the screen

    Baker’s Dozen Reasons to Buy the MIT400 Series –
    13 “sweet” reasons why the MIT’s are far superior to those other brands:

    1. Patented analog/digital display with real-time pointer movement.
    2. CAT IV 600 V for all test modes.
    3. Highest resistance range (up to 200 GO) on the market for a hand-held unit.
    4. Dual digital display that shows test voltage (or other complementary information) as well as the measurement result.
    5. IP54 ingress protection rating.
    6. Selectable 200 or 20 mA continuity test.
    7. DAR, PI and timed test capability.
    8. TRMS voltage measurement.
    9. Selectable buzzer thresholds/limit alarms.
    10. Unique silicon test leads to improve measurement accuracy.
    11. Automatic fuse check/warning.
    12. 3-year warranty.
    13. Backlight display.
    Weight 2 kg


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