MEGGER BM15 5kV Analogue Insulation Tester

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    Analogue 5 kV Megger Insulation Tester; 500, 1000, 2500, 5000 V; 20 GOhms

    The Megger BM15 is a compact 5000V insulation tester that is easy to use & provides accurate and quick readings for insulation resistance.


    • IEC1010 and EMC specification compliant
    • Single scale large analog display
    • Automatic voltage measurements function indicates conductor & automatic discharge potentials
    • Locking testing button option
    • Recessed safety terminals & long connectors
    • 4 output testing voltages
    • CE marked
    • Easy to use
    • Innovative scale overlay provides pass / fail bands
    • Mounted resilient analog scale
    • Single scale insulation values helps you to avoid errors
    • Lightweight & rugged
    • Ranges down to 100 kiloOhms perfect for go / no go testing

    Authorised Australian Distributor.


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    The Megger BM15 is a compact 5 kiloVolt insulation tester that is easy to use & provides accurate and quick readings for insulation resistance.

    The Megger BM15 is an analogue insulation resistance tester that can be used to measure from 100kΩ up to 20GΩ with four test voltages of 500V, 1kV, 2.5kV and 5kV.

    Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors thanks to a rugged protective case, the Megger BM15 can be used absolutely anywhere you need it. With safety recessed terminals built-in and long connectors, the BM15 can be connected up safely to a wide variety of installations such as machinery, transformers, switchgear, cables and others.

    When testing long term, the BM15 has a locking button to make these testing procedures easier to perform. It is also possible to use non-locking testing as well.

    A scale plate overlay can also be added to the BM15, allowing quick evaluation of go/no go testing to be performed. This enables the user to evaluate the safety of the system and decide whether testing can be safely performed or not.

    Insulation is crucial for electrical system safety, providing barriers to deadly live conductors. Electrical insulation deteriorates from effects of heat, sunlight and moisture. Reductions in insulation resistance values may lead to potentially dangerous situations caused by electric shock, or fire caused by arcing. If insulation resistances are monitored regularly, low irregular values may be investigated before causing damage, inconvenience & high costs associated with equipment repair downtime.

    The BM15 is a 5 kV general purpose, insulation tester for engineers and electrical contractors that test switchgear, transformers, cables, machinery, etc. and can be used by
    • Telecommunications Engineers
    • Maintenance Engineers
    • Electrical Contractors
    • Cable Manufacturers
    • Railway Companies
    • Gas & Water Utilities
    • Mining Companies


    Insulation Range 100 kOhms to 20 GOhms (also 0 Ohms and infinity)
    DC Test Voltages 500, 1000, 2500 & 5000 Volts
    Accuracy of Test Voltage +/-5 percent nominal testing voltage on 20 MOhm load
    Stability of Test Voltage below +/-1 percent (180 RPM – 240 RPM MJ15)
    Insulation Accuracy (@ 0 – 30 deg. C) +/-2.5 percent full scale deflections
    (Current) Short-Circuit 1.5 milliAmps +/- 0.5 milliAmps
    Max. Load Capacitance 5 microFarads
    Interference Rejection 1 milliAmp RMS @ 50 – 60 Hertz
    Discharging Resistor below 500 kOhms
    Range 0 – 600 Volts AC
    Indication for DC
    Accuracy +/- 2.5 percent fsd AC (w/ rotary switch – V position)
    Rating for Overload 720 Volts DC or AC
    Scale Length 2.8 inches (72 millimeters) (96 deg. )
    BM15 8 AA size cells (rechargeable or LR6)
    MJ15 Low-voltage brushless generator & 8 – AA size cells (rechargeable or LR6)
    Battery operation time 2000 five sec. tests @ 5 kiloVolts on 100 MOhm load
    Battery Indication Loaded batt. test
    Safety Double insulation per EN61010 (1995) IEC 1010-1 (1995) compliant to installation Cat-III***, 300 Volts phase – earth(ground) or 600 Volts Cat-I*
    ***Relating to transient overvoltages likely found with fixed-installation electrical wiring.
    *Relating to transient overvoltages likely found with special equipment and equipment parts, electronic, telecommunication, etc.
    Fuse – Non Replaceable 1 A, 250 Volts, HBC (F) type (20 x 5 millimeters) IEC 127/1
    Fuse protects instrument against faults which occur while using rechargable battery.
    EMC EN 50081-1 & EN50082-1 (1992) compliant w/ max. error +/-5 percent fsd in high R.F. areas
    Temp. Range
    Operation 32 to 86 deg. F (0 to 30 deg. C) full specification
    -4 to 122 deg. F (-20 to 50 deg. C) w/ temp. coefficient
    +/-0.1 percent/ deg. C
    Storage -13 to 149 degrees F (-25 to 65 degrees C)
    Humidity RH 90 percent @ 104 degrees F (40 degrees C)
    Size 8.9 x 6.3 x 4.5 inches
    (220 x 160 x 115 millimeters)
    Weight 3.5 pounds (1.6 kilograms) or 4 pounds (1.8 kilograms) w/ battery holder & cells
    Weight 3 kg


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