MeasureSafe 36C | Professional Medical RCD Tester with AFCI Detection, USB Data Logging, and Lifetime Warranty – Australian Made

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    Ensure electrical safety and compliance with unparalleled ease using the MeasureSafe 36C, the ultimate handheld digital RCD compliance testing unit. Featuring advanced capabilities such as AFCI testing, automatic and manual test modes, and extensive compatibility with all RCD types, the MeasureSafe 36C is designed for efficiency and reliability. Ideal for electricians, technicians, and safety personnel, this Australian-made device simplifies operations with push-button controls and provides comprehensive testing with fast, efficient results. With the ability to store up to 120,000 test records for detailed analysis via USB, and a conditional lifetime warranty, the MeasureSafe 36C sets the gold standard in electrical safety testing. Elevate your safety protocols and ensure compliance with the MeasureSafe 36C.

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    MeasureSafe 36C: Ultimate RCD Compliance Testing Unit


    The MeasureSafe 36C represents the pinnacle of innovation in RCD (Residual-Current Device) compliance testing technology. Designed and manufactured with precision in Australia, this handheld digital testing unit combines ease of use with unmatched capability and reliability. With simple push-button controls, it caters to both advanced and basic testing needs, making it an essential tool for electricians, technicians, and safety personnel.

    Key Features

    • Simplified Operation: No complex adjustments required; straightforward push buttons for selecting advanced or auto tests.
    • Comprehensive Testing Range: Capable of testing Type I (10mA and medial 10.5mA to AS3003 requirements), Type II, and Type A RCDs, as well as AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter) devices.
    • Fast and Efficient: Conducts 6 random time tests and averages results in less than 19 seconds for AS3003 Type I tests.
    • Detects Wiring Faults: Identifies missing earth and reversed Active/Neutral connections, ensuring your electrical systems are safe and correctly installed.
    • Extensive Device Compatibility: Tests all currently available RCDs by simulating various earth leakage problems, including DC leak active to earth for Type A RCD Testing.
    • Automatic and Manual Testing: Offers both fully automatic testing for quick checks and manual selection for customized test conditions.
    • Data Recording and Reporting: Stores up to 120,000 test results for download via USB, using the free M36_Reporter Software. Each record includes detailed test parameters for comprehensive analysis.
    • Lifetime Warranty: Comes with a conditional lifetime warranty, reflecting our confidence in the MeasureSafe 36C’s durability and long-term reliability.

    Why Choose MeasureSafe 36C?

    The MeasureSafe 36C is the easiest-to-use, most efficient, and reliable solution for ensuring RCD compliance across a variety of settings, from residential homes to commercial buildings. Its capability to test a wide range of RCD types and to identify wiring faults makes it an indispensable tool for maintaining electrical safety and compliance. With the additional feature of AFCI testing, it sets the standard for electrical safety equipment.

    Whether you’re conducting routine safety checks, diagnosing electrical issues, or ensuring regulatory compliance, the MeasureSafe 36C offers the precision, versatility, and reliability needed to get the job done right.

    Product Specifications

    • Manufactured in: Australia
    • Compliance Standards: Meets world standards for RCD testing
    • Unit Type: Handheld digital RCD compliance testing unit
    • Compatibility: Type I, II, A RCDs and AFCI devices
    • Test Results Storage: Up to 120,000 records
    • Connectivity: USB for data download
    • Warranty: Conditional lifetime warranty

    Purchase Now

    Unlock the full potential of electrical safety and compliance testing with MeasureSafe 36C. With its advanced features, comprehensive testing capabilities, and easy-to-use design, it’s the professional’s choice for RCD testing.

    Weight 0.4 kg


    MeasureSafe 36C Medical RCD Tester Specifications

    Mains Voltage Accuracy:


    Tripping Current Accuracy:

    +- 0.1mA

    Trip Time Accuracy:

    0-400mS +- 100uS

    Loading Slope Phase angle

    Selectable 0, 90, 180, 270 Degrees

    Result storage

    120,000 Results

    Control Processor

    Advanced 32 bit ARM Processor


    The unit has a built in battery backup real time clock for time and date stamping of test results

    Test Leakage Current Range:

    2mA to 80mA in 0.25mA steps

    Internal fuse

    2A 250Vac

    Operating Voltage:

    85-265VAC 50-60 Hz

    Test Time:

    90sec maximum depending upon trip current of the RCD.

    Test Current:

    Incremented test sequence from 5mA until RCD trips or fails.


    2 line OLED display showing mains voltage, RCD trip time, RCD trip current and any RCD faults.

    OLED for maximum viewing angle

    Power Supply:

    Powers up from mains source.

    Operational Temperature:

    0°C to +60°C

    Storage Temperature:

    -20°C to +70°C

    Dimensions H x W x L :

    140 x 123 x 40mm


    275g Unit only

    RCD type Selection

    Type I – 10mA

    Type I – AS3003 – 10.5mA

    Type II – 30mA Type A – DC current

    AFCI – 30mA Testing curent

    Type Custom selectable 1-50mA

    Internal Memory

    8Mbyte data Flash


    The results can be down loaded using a simple free application,

    M26_Reporter software interface, via USB.

    Power inlet

    IEC socket


    C-tick CE

    Service & calibration:

    By manufacturer only

    Fault Reports:

    Incorrect mains wiring (active and

    neutral swapped), no earth connected, RCD fails to trip.

    Calibration Requirement:

    Every 12 months

    Other Requirements:

    Warranty Void and Test Results not guaranteed if the case tamper seal damaged or removed.

    Warranty Period

    Limited Life time warranty


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