HIKMICRO M60 Thermal Imaging Camera with High-Resolution Imaging, Multi-Mode Functionality, and Durable Design

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    Discover the HIKMICRO M60 Thermal Imaging Camera, featuring high-resolution imaging, multi-mode functionality, and durable design. Perfect for precise thermal inspections with various colour palettes and annotation capabilities. Purchase now for unmatched efficiency and accuracy in thermal analysis!

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    HIKMICRO M60 Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera


    The HIKMICRO M60 Thermal Imaging Camera stands out as the pinnacle of advanced thermal technology, offering unparalleled functionality and high-resolution imaging. Designed for both professional thermographers and industrial use, this camera integrates an array of features that ensure precision, efficiency, and durability. Whether you’re conducting routine inspections or complex thermal analysis, the HIKMICRO M60 provides sharp, accurate results you can rely on.

    Exceptional Image Quality

    At the heart of the HIKMICRO M60 is a highly sensitive VOx detector with a NETD of < 35 mK. With an IR resolution of 640 x 480 (307,200 pixels), this thermal camera guarantees clear and distinct thermal images of your target. The SuperIR functionality elevates the resolution to an impressive 1280 x 960 pixels, offering unmatched detail and clarity in thermal vision.

    Manual Focus for Precision

    The manual focus feature of the HIKMICRO M60 allows for meticulous adjustment, enabling clear observation of objects as close as 0.3 m (0.98 ft). This means you can capture sharp images and precise measurement results whether your target is nearby or at a distance.

    Long-lasting Battery Life

    Don’t let power constraints slow you down. The M30 includes two interchangeable Li-ion batteries and a dual bay charger, providing up to 12 hours of operation. This battery system ensures that you remain powered up during the longest inspection tasks, allowing you to focus on your work with minimal interruptions.

    Convenient Image Annotations

    Text or audio annotations within images eliminate the need for manual note-taking, thus enhancing inspection efficiency and productivity. This feature ensures all relevant information is captured and easily accessible.

    1-Tap Level & Span

    Quickly enhance image contrast and highlight potential problems with the M30’s 1-Tap Level & Span feature. With a single tap on the 3.5″ LCD touchscreen, you can narrow the image span to focus on the specific area of interest. This rapid adjustment capability accelerates the detection of critical issues.

    Multi-Mode Imaging

    Offering multiple image modes such as Thermal, Fusion, PIP, and Optical, the HIKMICRO M60 adapts to your specific needs, ensuring optimal results in every scenario. The 1-Tap Level & Span feature quickly enhances image contrast, highlighting potential issues with just a tap on the 3.5” LCD touchscreen.

    Rugged & Durable Design

    Built to withstand challenging environments, the HIKMICRO M60 boasts an IP54 rating for protection against water and dust. It is designed to endure 2-meter (6.6 feet) drop tests, making it a reliable tool for industrial applications.

    Integrated Laser Pointer and Sharing Capabilities

    The integrated laser pointer assists in accurately indicating the centre point on the actual object, while the HIKMICRO Viewer App facilitates on-site analysis, sharing, and report generation via Wi-Fi connectivity. This real-time capability improves workflow efficiency.

    Seamless Data Sharing

    Easily share images and reports with the HIKMICRO Viewer App via Wi-Fi. Transfer photos or videos from the camera to your mobile device in real-time, enabling instant analysis and sharing. Generate comprehensive reports on-site, ensuring quick dissemination of findings and promoting collaborative problem-solving.

    Additional Features

    • High-quality optical module with 8 MP resolution ensures clear visual imaging.
    • The device supports multiple colour palettes, including White Hot, Black Hot, Rainbow, Ironbow, Red Hot, Fusion, Rain, and Blue Red for tailored thermal visualisation.
    • Measurement tools include centre spot, hot spot, cold spot, and user-definable spots, lines, rectangles, and circles for detailed analysis.
    • Long-distance laser light and LED light supplement aid in targeting and illumination.
    • Comprehensive connectivity options with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB ensure seamless data transfer and remote access.

    For professionals seeking a robust, reliable, and highly accurate thermal imaging solution, the HIKMICRO M60 is an ideal choice. Buy now to enhance your thermal analysis capabilities and achieve precise, reliable results with every inspection.

    Weight 3 kg


    • Specification

    Infrared Image

    IR Resolution

    640 x 480 (307,200 pixels)


    1280 x 960 (1,228,800 pixels)


    < 35 mK (@ 25 °C, F#=1.0)

    Image Frequency

    30 Hz

    Detector Pitch

    17 μm

    Spectral Range

    7.5 to 14 μm

    Focal Length

    15 mm



    Field of View (FOV)

    41.9° × 33.3°

    Spatial Resolution (IFOV)

    1.13 mrad

    Min. Focus Distance

    0.3 m (0.98 ft)

    Focus Mode

    Manual Focus

    Image Display

    Visual Camera

    3264 × 2448 (8 MP)


    640 × 480 Resolution, 3.5″ LCD Touch Screen

    Screen Brightness


    Digital Zoom

    1.0x to 8.0x continuous

    Color Palettes

    White Hot, Black Hot, Rainbow, Ironbow, Red Hot, Fusion, Rain, Blue Red

    Focus Mode Palette


    Color Alarm


    Image Modes


    Measurement and Analysis

    Object Temperature Range

    -20 °C to 650 °C (-4 °F to 1202 °F)


    Max (±2°C/3.6°F, ±2%)

    Measurement Tools

    Center Spot, Hot Spot, Cold Spot

    User-definable: 10 spots, 1 line, 5 rectangles, and 5 circles

    Level and Span Mode

    Auto/Manual/1-Tap Touch-screen

    Data Storage and Communication

    Storage Media

    Removable 64 GB Micro SD Card

    Image Storage Capacity

    Approx. 35,000 Images


    Voice note: max. 60 seconds;

    Text note: max. 200 characters

    Video Storage Capacity

    Approx. 54 hours

    Video File Format

    MP4 video

    and radiometric video



    802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz)


    Bluetooth 4.2

    USB Interface

    USB Type-C

    LED Light



    Yes, Class II, Wavelength: 650 nm; Power: < 1 mW

    Battery Type

    Interchangeable and rechargeable Li-ion battery

    Battery Operating Time

    Approx. 4 hours

    Battery Charging Time

    Approx. 4 hours fully charged

    Power Saving Mode


    Protection Level


    Drop Test Height

    2 m (6.56 ft)


    IEC 61010-1


    EN55032, EN61326-1, EN61000-3-2,EN61000-3-3,EN IEC 61000-6-2, EN IEC



    0.03 g2/Hz (3.8 g), 2.5 g IEC 60068-2-6


    25 g, IEC 60068-2-27

    Working Temperature Range

    -20°C to 50°C ( -4°F to 122°F)

    Relative Humidity

    < 95% non-condensing

    Storage Temperature Range

    -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)


    Approx. 686g (1.51 lb)


    244 × 100 × 104 mm (9.6 × 3.9 × 4.1 in)

    Tripod Mounting

    UNC ¼”-20


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