HIKMICRO BX20 Intrinsically Safe Thermal Camera – ATEX/IECEx Certified, High Resolution, SuperIR Enhanced Imaging, Dual-Camera for Hazardous Areas

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    The HIKMICRO BX20 is an ATEX and IECEx certified, intrinsically safe thermal camera for hazardous areas, featuring high-resolution imaging, SuperIR enhancement, and dual-camera functionality for precise and reliable diagnostics.

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    HIKMICRO BX20: ATEX & IECEx Certified Compact Intrinsically Safe Thermal Camera for Hazardous Areas

    Certified Product and Manufacturer

    Introducing the HIKMICRO BX20, a cutting-edge intrinsically safe thermal camera specifically designed for hazardous areas. This exceptional device has obtained both ATEX and IECEx certification, ensuring top-tier safety and reliability in explosive environments. Furthermore, HIKMICRO, the manufacturer, has been rigorously audited and holds the ATEX Quality Assurance Notification (QAN) and IECEx Quality Assurance Report (QAR), reinforcing the high-quality standards embedded in this product.

    High Image Quality

    The HIKMICRO BX20 stands out for its exceptional image quality, featuring a high-resolution (256 × 192, 49,152 pixels) and highly sensitive (NETD < 40 mK) VOx IR detector. This capability, paired with HIKMICRO’s advanced SuperIR image enhancement algorithms, ensures unparalleled clarity in thermal imaging, which is crucial for accurate diagnostics and analysis in hazardous areas.

    Enhanced Thermal Clarity with SuperIR

    Experience superior thermal clarity with the HIKMICRO SuperIR image enhancement technology. This innovative feature enhances the resolution of captured thermal images to an impressive 320 x 240 pixels (76,800 pixels), delivering more detailed and precise visual data. *Note: SuperIR technology is applicable to captured thermal images only.

    25 Hz Fast Image Frequency

    The HIKMICRO BX20 is equipped with a 25 Hz fast image frequency, providing smooth and fluid video output. This becomes particularly advantageous when panning across scenes or tracking moving targets, ensuring that no detail is missed and enhancing the overall user experience.

    Full-screen Precise and Wide Measurement

    Perfect for detailed thermal analysis, the camera supports the capture of full-screen radiometric images. It automatically tracks maximum, minimum, and center spots, allowing users to identify temperature anomalies swiftly and efficiently. The device accurately measures temperatures ranging from -20°C to 550°C, with a precision up to +/-2°C or +/-2% of the reading, promising reliable results every time.

    Durable and Rechargeable Batteries

    The HIKMICRO BX20 is designed for long-lasting performance, featuring a built-in 3350mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery. With thoughtful auto power-off settings ranging from 10 to 60 minutes, the camera can operate continuously for up to 6 hours, making it ideal for prolonged fieldwork and extensive inspections.

    Dual-camera Thermal Imager

    Enhancing versatility, the HIKMICRO BX20 incorporates both an IR camera and a visual camera. This dual-camera system provides multiple viewing modes including Thermal, Fusion, PIP (Picture in Picture), and Visual. Users can select the mode that best suits their needs, whether it’s detailed thermal imaging or a fusion of visual and thermal perspectives.

    Purchase the HIKMICRO BX20 Thermal Camera Today

    Invest in the HIKMICRO BX20, the ultimate intrinsically safe thermal camera for hazardous areas. Combining advanced technological features with unparalleled safety certifications, this device is perfect for professionals in explosive environments. Discover the high-quality imaging, precise measurements, and durable performance that set the HIKMICRO BX20 apart in the market. Shop now and ensure safety and efficiency in your hazardous location operations.

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