FLIR MR77 Pinless Moisture Meter & Pyschrometer

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    The Flir MR77 Moisture Meter performs all the critical and advanced measurements professionals demand.

    The Flir MR-77 Moisture Meter a rugged and feature-rich moisture meter that is designed to help you tackle critical restoration and remediation projects.

    The MR77 uses a pinless sensor or an external pin probe to accurately measure the moisture content up to .75” below the surface of various wood types and building materials. The MR 77 also features a field-replaceable temperature/humidity sensor, Bluetooth connectivity to mobile devices, and the ability to capture surface temperatures using a spot IR thermometer with laser pointer.

      FLIR MR77 Datasheet

      FLIR MR77 User Manual


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    FLIR MR77 Pinless Moisture Meter

    The new FLIR MR77 is a durable, all-in-one moisture meter that has the flexibility of both a pin-less sensor and a wired pin probe. The MR77 gives you the ability to take moisture readings as deep as 0.75-inch underneath the surface of a range of wood species and building materials. The meter is accurate, reliable and it’s also tested to survive a 2 meter drop. The FLIR MR77 moisture meter exceeds expectations by delivering advanced measurements that disaster restoration and water damage professionals need on the job-site. The meter has a rugged design that doesn’t break your stride: easy to swap temperature and humidity sensors (field replaceable) are engineered to reduce downtime so you don’t fall behind on your schedule.

    The MR77 offers comprehensive capabilities for moisture-related repairs and inspections. In addition to a non-invasive, ‘pin-less’ moisture measurement system for damage-free testing, the MR77 also includes a remote pin-type probe with 30” cable for contact moisture readings when necessary. The jumbo LCD display is backlit by a bright white LED. It is easy to read, displaying moisture, humidity and air temperature levels. It also includes a bargraph for at-a-glance analogue style measurements as you scan walls, ceilings, floors and other building material surfaces for changes in moisture.

    The FLIR MR77 represents the next generation of disaster-restoration testing equipment. The meter works with FLIR Tools Mobile app to connect it to your compatible smartphone and tablet via Bluetooth. METERLiNK technology also wirelessly embeds moisture readings right on the image of your FLIR Thermal Camera. These mobile tools enable technicians and site managers to datalog, share findings with colleagues, and easily create reports. The MR77 is so much more than a water-damage restoration contractor’s moisture meter. The FLIR moisture meter eliminates toolbox clutter by providing the added functionality of several additional meters built right in, adding one-meter convenience and tremendous value to your purchase investment. In addition to moisture sensors and useful high/low alarms, the meter also measures temperature, relative humidity and a number of other valuable diagnostic metrics giving you incredible insight into site conditions and necessary repairs.

    The MR77 incorporates a laser-spot IR (infrared) thermometer (with an easy-to-aim laser indicator) to help take rapid point-and-shoot spot temperatures of surfaces under restoration. The IR thermometer measures a 1 inch spot from 8 inches away. The IR thermometer also plays a role in monitoring for condensation hazards by factoring surface temperatures and dew point. Hygrometer / Psychrometer: Very few moisture meters also double as a hygrometer. The durable, do-it-all MR77 measures ambient temperature to help you quickly check job site temperatures without an additional thermometer. It also provides relative humidity readings and calculates dew point and mixing ratios. The MR77 is invaluable for calculating vapor pressure (kPA) as well as water vapor in Grains per Pound and Grains per Kilogram.

    FLIR MR77 Specifications
    Pinless Moisture 0 to 99.9 Relative
    Pinless Moisture Depth Max 19mm
    Pin Moisture 0 to 99%WME
    Relative Humidity 0 to 99%RH ±2.5%RH
    Sensor Temperature -28 to 77°C ±3.6°F, 2°C
    IR Temperature -20 to 200°C ±3.5%
    IR Distance to Spot Ratio 8 inches away : 1 inch spot size
    IR Emissivity 0.95 (fixed)
    Vapor Pressure 0 to 20.0kPa ±2%
    General Information
    Bluetooth Range Max 10m
    Weight 1 kg


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