Extech SL510 Sound Level Meter

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    The Extech SL510 Sound Level Meter is a High-Accuracy Sound Level Meter with A and C Weighting & Fast/Slow Response Modes

    The Extech SL510 Sound Level Meter meets class 2 standards with ±1dB high accuracy that allows for quick and reliable sound level testing. It features a large backlit display for easy viewing and measures A & C weighting from 35 to 130dB with Fast and Slow response time mode. Size is small enough to conveniently fit in your pocket and includes a wrist strap.

    PDF download  Extech SL510 Datasheet

    PDF download   Extech SL510 User Manual


    A or C Frequency Weightings?

    The human ear responds more to frequencies between 500 Hz and 8 kHz and is less sensitive to very low-pitch or high-pitch noises. The frequency weightings used in sound level meters are often related to the response of the human ear, to ensure that the meter is measuring what you actually hear.

    It is extremely important that sound level measurements are made using the correct frequency weighting – usually A-weighting. For example, measuring a tonal noise of around 31 Hz could result in a 40 dB error if using C-weighting instead of A-weighting.

    A Weighting

    The most common weighting that is used in noise measurement is A-Weighting. It follows the frequency sensitivity of the human ear at low levels. This is the most commonly used weighting scale, as it also predicts quite well the damage risk of the ear. Sound level meters set to the A-weighting scale will filter out much of the low-frequency noise they measure, similar to the response of the human ear. Noise measurements made with the A-weighting scale are designated dBA.

    C Weighting

    The response of the human ear varies with the sound level. At higher levels 100 dB and above, the ear’s response is flatter. The C-weighting scale is quite flat, and therefore includes much more of the low-frequency range of sounds than the A

    Although the A-Weighted response is used for most applications, C-Weighting is also available on many sound level meters. C Weighting is usually used for Peak measurements and also in some entertainment noise measurement, where the transmission of bass noise can be a problem.

    Extech SL510 Sound Level Meter Features:

    • ±1dB high accuracy meets Class 2 standards (IEC 61672-2013 and ANSI/ASA S1.4/Part 1)
    • A & C Weighting
    • Backlit LCD to view in dimly lit areas
    • Data Hold and Min/Max functions
    • Auto power off with disable
    • Tripod mount (optional TR100 Tripod sold separately)
    • Complete with microphone wind-screen, wrist strap, and three AAA batteries

    Extech SL510 Sound Level Meter Specifications:

    Specifications Range
    Range 35 to 130dB
    Basic Accuracy ±1dB @ 1KHz
    Resolution 0.1dB
    Weighting A & C
    Response Time Fast/Slow
    Microphone Electret condenser 0.5″ (12.7mm)
    Dimensions 167x45x20mm
    Weight 160g
    Weight 1 kg


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