EXTECH SDL470 UVA UVC Light Meter Datalogger

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    Extech SDL470 UVA UVC Light Meter Datalogger.

    Extech’s compact UV Light Meter includes two types of probes: one to measure UVA (long wave 365nm) and the other to measure UVC (short wave 254nm) light sources up to 20mW/cm 2. The SDL470 date/time stamps and stores files onto an SD card in MS Excel format to make transferring, storing, and analyzing the data on your PC easier. The unit also has a Type K/J thermocouple input to capture temperature readings (temperature probes not included).


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    EXTECH SDL470 UVA UVC Light Meter Datalogger Features

    • SDL470 UVA UVC Light Meter Datalogger
    • UVA and UVC light measurement in one meter
    • Long wave 365 nm ultra‐violet irradiance measurements (UVA)
    • Professional UVA meter, used to measure the UVA Radiation from UVA light (black light)
    • Short wave 254 nm ultra‐violet irradiance measurements (UVC)
    • Professional UVC light meter, measures UVC irradiation from UVC light source
    • Two ranges: 2 mW/cm^2 and 20 mW/cm^2
    • Meter includes two probes: UVA probe and UVC probe
    • UV Sensor with cosine correction filter
    • UV Zero feature
    • Applications include: Monitoring blue light radiation from welding equipment, UV sterilization, graphic arts, photochemical matching, UV EPROM erasure, Photo-resist exposure, ink curing, adhesives and coatings
    • Microprocessor circuit provides high reliability and durability
    • Separate UV light probe allows the user to measure UV light with optimum positioning
    • Type K and Type J thermocouple thermometer (probe not included)
    • Real time SD memory card Datalogger, built-in calendar clock, real-time data recording, with selectable sampling time (rate) from 1 second to 3600 seconds
    • Manual Datalogging (set the sampling rate to 0)
    • Simple, innovative operation, PC not required to setup. Simply use the SD card to transfer data from meter to PC
    • SD card capacity: 1 GB to 16 GB.
    • LCD with green backlight is easy to read
    • Meter can be set to default on auto power off or manual power off
    • Includes Data hold, Record MA and MIN readings
    • Powered by AA (1.5 V) x 6 batteries or DC 9V adaptor
    • RS232/USB PC computer interface

    Extech SDL470 Specifications

    Display Backlit LCD size: 52 mm x 38 mm
    Measurements  UV light, UVA and UVC 
    Type K or J thermocouple temperature 
    UVA, UVC selection  Front push-button 
    UV Sensor spectrum UVA (390 – 280nm), UVC (280 – 240nm)
    UV sensor  Exclusive photo sensor with cosine correction filter 
    UV light zero adjust  Push-button
    Data storage/recall  Records Max and Min readings with recall 
    Datalogger  Auto 1 second to 3600 second sample rate 
    Manual 1Button press (sample rate set to ‘0’)
    Memory SD card  1G to 16GB SD Card (for best results use a 4GB or smaller card)
    Temperature compensation Auto compensation for the Type K/J thermocouple thermometer
    Display sampling rate  1 second approx. 
    Data output  RS-232/USB PC interface 
    Operating Temperature  0 °C to 50 °C
    Operating Humidity Less than 85% RH 
    Power Supply  Alkiline 1.5V AA batteries x 6 
    or 9V AC adaptor (UA100-240)
    Power Consumption  Normal operation (without SD storing and with display backlight 
    OFF): 6.5mA DC approx. 
    With SD card storing but display backlight OFF: 30mA DC approx.
    With the LCD backlight ON the power consumption increases by 
    16mA DC approx.
    Weight Meter: 351g UVA Probe: 100g UVC Probe: 103g 
    Dimensions  Meter: 177 x 68 x 45mm 
    UVA Probe head: 45 mm diameter x 32 mm 
    UVA Probe handle: 125 x 24 mm diameter
    UVC probe: 38mm diameter x 25 mm 
    Accessories included Instruction manual, UVA light sensor, UVC light sensor, hard-shell 
    carrying case, batteries, 9V AC adapter, and user guide
    Optional Accessories  Type K thermocouple probe, USB cable (407001-USB) and data 
    acquisition software (407001)
    Electrical Specifications
    UV Light (UVA, UVC) 
    Ranges and Resolution Range 1: 1.999 mW/cm^2 max 
    Range 2: 19.99mW/cm^2 max 
    Accuracy  ± (4% FS + 2 digits); FS= Full Scale 
    UVA Calibration executed under UVA light and compared with UVA 
    light meter standard UVA (390 – 280nm) 
    UVC Calibration executed under UVC light and compared with 
    standard UVC light meter standard UVC (280 – 240nm) 
    Type K/J Thermocouple Thermometer
    Sensor type Resolution Range Accuracy
    Type K  0.1C  -50.0 to 1300.0 °C 
    -50.1 to -100.0 °C 
    ± (0.2% + 0.5 °C)  
    ± (0.2% + 1.0 °C)
    0.1F  -58.0 to 2372.0 °F 
    -58.1 to -148.0 °F 
    ± (0.2% + 1.0 °F) 
    ± (0.2% + 1.8 °F)
    Type J  0.1C  -50.0 to 1100.0 °C 
    -50.1 to -100.0 °C
    ± (0.2% + 0.5 °C) 
    ± (0.2% + 1.0 °C)
    0.1F  -58.0 to 2012.0 °F 
    -58.1 to -148.0 °F
    ± (0.2% + 1.0 °F) 
    ± (0.2% + 1.8 °F) 
    Weight 2 kg


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