EXTECH RE300 ExStik Waterproof ORP Meter

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    The Extech RE300 ORP Meter measures ORP/Redox from -999 to 999mV. It has an automatic, electronic self-calibration and a simulated analog bargraph that displays fast changes in ORP readings.


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    Extech RE300 ExStik Waterproof ORP Meter

    The Extech RE300 ORP Meter measures ORP/Redox from -999 to 999mV. It has an automatic, electronic self-calibration and a simulated analog bargraph that displays fast changes in ORP readings.

    ORP stands for oxidation-reduction potential, which is a measure, in millivolts, of the tendency of a chemical substance to oxidize or reduce another chemical substance.

    Applications that use ORP for monitoring and controlling oxidation-reduction reactions include cyanide destruction, dechlorination, chromate reduction, hypochlorite bleach production, and chlorine and chlorine dioxide scrubber monitoring using bisulfite.
    ORP is measured in some instances for the control of biological growth. The principle behind these applications is that a minimum ORP value will successfully destroy microorganisms. This approach has been used in the chlorination of swimming pools and cooling towers. It should be noted that both of these applications also include pH control.

    Additional Features

    The RE300 ORP Meter has a high resolution of 1mV and a memory that stores and recalls up to 15 readings and it saves the last calibrated value. The data validation indicators show the user that the reading is stabilized and it features data hold, auto shut-off, and low battery indication. This meter has a IP57 waterproof rating.


    • Water treatment
    • Wastewater
    • Groundwater
    • Aquaculture
    • Fisheries management


    • Measures ORP from -999 to 999mV
    • Automatic electronic self calibration
    • Simulated analog bar graph displays change in ORP reading
    • Memory stores and recalls 15 readings and saves last calibrated value
    • Data validation indicators show user the reading is stabilized
    • Large 3-1/2 digit (2000 count) Digital display with bar graph
    • Data Hold, Auto shut-off and low battery indication
    • Easy to replace electrode module is interchangeable with pH and chlorine ExStik® modules; (built in chip automatically recognizes the type of probe plugged in for specific measurements)
    • Waterproof (IP57) design floats in water and protects the meter in wet environment
    • Complete with meter and electrode, protective sensor cap, sample cup, four 3V CR-2032 batteries, and neckstrap
    • Optional weighted base (EX006) holds plastic cup and ExStik® meter
    General Specifications
    Display: Multifunction LCD with Bargraph
    Operating conditions: 0 to 50°C / < 80% RH
    pH Range and Accuracy: 0.00 to 14.99 / ± 0.01pH typical
    Temp. Compensation: Automatic from 0 to 90°C
    Compensation Accuracy: 0.5°C
    ORP Range / Accuracy: ± 999mV / ± 4mV
    Temperature Range: 5 to 90°C
    Temperature Resolution: 0.1°up to 99.9 then 1°thereafter
    Temperature Accuracy: ± 1.8°F / 1°C [from 23 to 122°F (-5 to 50°C)]± 5.4°F / 3°C [from 122 to 194°F (50 to 90°C)]
    Measurement storage: 15 tagged (numbered) readings
    Power: Four (4) SR-44 button batteries (See note on page 6)
    Low battery indication: ‘BAT’ appears on the LCD
    Auto power off: After 10 minutes of inactivity
    Battery Life: 200 to 400 tests, assuming test time of < 10 minutes and use of SR44 silver oxide batteries. Use of LR44 alkaline will reduce battery life.
    Weight .5 kg

    What's in the box.

    ExStik waterproof ORP meter
    •RE305 flat surface ORP electrode
    •Protective sensor cap
    •Sample cup with cap
    •4 x 3V CR2032 button batteries
    •48-inch neck strap


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