EXTECH PQ2071 1-3 phase 1000A True RMS AC Power Clamp Meter

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    • Meter operates as a True RMS Clamp Meter, Power Meter, Multimeter, and AC Voltage Detector
    • Measures AC Current, Voltage, Frequency and Power including True Power, Apparent Power, Reactive Power and Active Power
    • Measures 1-Phase and balanced 3-Phase True Power (kW), Apparent Power (kVA), Reactive Power (kVAR) and Active Power (kWh), plus Power Factor and Phase Angle
    • CAT-IV 600V & CAT-III 1000V Safety Rating
    • 2.16″ (55mm) clamp jaw opening
    • Large dual backlit LCD display (9999 count) with bargraph
    • Built-in non-contact Voltage Detector with LED alert
    • Manually store/recall up to 99 data sets
    • Data Hold, Max/Min, and Auto power off
    • USB interface for connection to a PC for datalogging function with included software
    • Complete with test leads, four color-coded leads and alligator clips, USB cable, PC software, 9V battery, and soft case

    ce    CATIII-1000V    CATIV-600V    warranty12

      Extech PQ2071 Datasheet

      Extech PQ2071 User Manual


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    EXTECH PQ2071 – Rugged Power Clamp Meter Tackles Power Quality Challenges

    Are power quality problems increasingly becoming a part of your job? Or, is your clamp meter not cutting it, making extra work with voltage and current readings in a 3-phase environment? Are you ready to get 3 phase, wattage, and power quality readings with a one-time set-up and the click of a button instead of multiple set-ups and a notepad?

    Take a look at the Extech PQ2071, a powerful 1000A AC/DC clamp meter with a large 2-1/4″ (57mm) jaw that offers advanced power quality testing and analysis functions with the cost and added bulk of a dedicated power quality analyzer. In fact, the Extech clamp-on meter is a versatile multi-function meter doing the job of several tools: an AC amp clamp, True RMS multimeter, power quality meter, a non-contact voltage detector, and even a datalogging source (via USB to a PC or laptop with software installed).

    Rated with CAT IV-600V overvoltage protection, the Extech power clamp is designed for testing not only 1 phase systems but also 3 phase systems, with an easy one-button function to cycle through voltage or wattage readings of each phase. When measuring Active Power, one click of the Σ button sums multiple measurements of 3 phase systems. To identify issues related to variability in frequency, the PQ2071 measures frequency up to 200Hz, displayed alongside voltage readings

    Get Double the Readings: Dual-Display Makes Active, Reactive, and Apparent Power Measurements Easier to Understand

    The Extech PQ2071 is useful for identifying power quality problems in a range of electrical installations including 1 phase, 3 phase/4 wire and 3 phase/3 wire configurations. In many cases however, one reading does not tell you the whole story. The durable Extech’s backlit multifunction display helps you get your hands on more information in one glance.

    The meter’s dual display lets you see two critical, related readings at the same time. For example, when you’re measuring kW Active Power, you can also view Phase Angle on the Secondary Display. When you’ve set the Main Display to kVA Apparent Power, see Reactive Power simultaneously. And when you’re viewing kVAR Reactive Power on the Main Display, you’ll also see Apparent Power at the same time. The versatile display even includes a 100-segment graphical “analog style” bar graph to better visualize relative increases and decreases.

    Power Factor for Problem Solving:

    When working in industrial or manufacturing job sites, Power Factor, or the ratio of the real power flowing to the load, to the apparent power in the circuit, can reveal if an installation is optimized for efficiency or is hiding an imminent failure of critical components that may result in costly downtime and replacement spending (instead of repairs). The Extech PQ2071 can be configured with voltage leads and its amp clamp to measure power factor, phase by phase. The useful double display shows power factor (PF) in the along with phase angle (PG) in the secondary display.

    Audit Energy Usage with Kilowatt Hours:

    For more extensive measurements of energy consumption, the Extech PQ2071 Power Clamp also provides Kilowatt Hour readings. Identify unusual energy usage patterns over time by viewing the secondary display’s elapsed timer. Working together with the USB cable and included software installed on a laptop or PC, Kilowatt Hour monitoring can provide valuable insights around a factory or processing plant.

    50,000 Points of Insight:

    Power quality problems are sometimes intermittent and hard to capture without the advantage of an extended period of monitoring. Prolonged measurements to reveal abnormal or harmful power quality issues over time are easier using the data-streaming capabilities of the Extech PQ2071. In addition to internal data storage of up to 99 readings, the advanced clamp meter connects to your PC or laptop via the included infrared USB cable and permits you to collect up to 50,000 readings as they are taken for viewing in graphical format with the included logging and analysis software or for exporting to a spreadsheet.

    More Details:

    Designed rugged to handle use every day, the Extech PQ2071 clamp meter offers both safety and versatility—without compromising high performance or innovation for tomorrow’s challenges. Take the Extech PQ2071amp probe on every job and it delivers with advanced meter functions including True RMS accuracy, Power Quality readings,ACcurrent and voltage measurement, and frequency.

    The 4-digit, 9,999 count display is illuminated making it bright and easy to read anywhere. Several one-button functions including data hold and min/max. The large 2-1/4″ (57mm) jaw opening makes it easy to clamp conductors. A built-in non-contact voltage detector on the tip of the jaw lets you quickly and safely check for voltage on conductors prior to any testing or repairs.

    Weight 1 kg

    What's in the box.

    PQ2071 power clamp meter
    •Test leads
    •4 x color-coded leads
    •Alligator clips
    •USB cable
    •PC software
    •9V battery
    •Soft case


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