REED R7800 Coating Thickness Gauge

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    The REED R7800 coating thickness gauge is the perfect tool for non-invasive measurements. This device offers zero or two point calibration to ensure accuracy, as well as user adjustable high/low alarms and a USB interface which allows you to easily analyze results in the accompanying software. With this gauge, you can be sure that your measurement will be quick and precise!

    PDF download   REED R7800 Datasheet   PDF download   REED R7800 User Manual

    The REED R7800 Coating Thickness Gauge is a professional-grade device designed for non-invasive coating thickness measurements. It has an easy-to-read color LCD screen that can be rotated 360°, so readings can be seen from any angle. The gauge and probe are also highly durable. For extra accuracy in your measurements, the R7800 features zero or two-point calibration capabilities, user-adjustable high/low alarms, and tri-color LEDs to quickly identify whether coatings pass or fail set parameters. Additionally, it includes an internal memory which stores up to 500 groups of data as well as accompanying software with viewable stored data, charts and real-time measurement functions. To top it off, this device has a low battery indication and auto shut-off feature for extended use.


    • Automatically detects ferrous and non-ferrous substrates
    • Easy-to-read color LCD display
    • 360° screen rotation allows users to view measured readings from any angle
    • Durable gauge and probe construction
    • Zero and two-point calibration ensures measurement accuracy
    • Single or multi-point mode allows a user to set tolerances and quickly identify whether a coating passes or fails
    • Tri-color LEDs quickly indicate when measurements are below (red), above (yellow) or within set parameters (green)
    • Internal memory stores up to 500 groups of data
    • View stored data, charts or real-time measurement with software
    • Low battery indication and auto shut off

    R7800 Coating Thickness Gauge

    The R7800 automatically detects ferrous and non-ferrous substrates. It features an easy-to-read color LCD display, a 360° screen rotation and zero and two-point calibration ensures accuracy. The tri-color LEDs indicate when measurements are below, above or within set parameters and the internal memory stores up to 500 groups of data. The user can view stored data, charts or measure in real-time with the included software.


    Coating Thickness Gauge Software for REED R7800

    With the R7800 software, the user will be able to datalog in real-time, load recorded data, export to Excel, generate graphs and histograms, and export to PDF.

    Weight 0.4 kg


    Measuring Range 0 to 1250μm
    0.1 to 49.2mils
    Accuracy 0 to 1250μm: ±3% +1μm
    0 to 49.21mils: ±3% +0.04mils
    Resolution 0 to 99.9μm: 0.1μm
    100 to 1250μm: 1μm
    0 to 4.99mils: 0.01mils
    5.0 to 49.2mils: 0.1mils
    Measurement Modes Single and Continuous
    Display 4-digit color LCD display
    Resolution 320 x 240 pixels
    Backlit Display Yes (5 levels)
    Min/Max/Average Readings Yes
    Minimum Curvature Radius 5mm (196.85mils)
    Minimum Area Diameter 20mm (787.40mils)
    Minimum Substrate Thickness 0.5mm (19.69mils)
    Auto Shut-Off Yes (After 5 minutes)
    Low Battery Indicator Yes
    Power Supply 2 x AA Batteries
    Internal Memory Yes (Up to 500 groups)
    PC Connectivity USB Cable
    Software Yes
    Software OS Compatibility Windows 7/8/10/11
    Product Certifications CE
    Refresh Rate 0.5 seconds (continuous mode)
    Operating Temperature 32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)
    Storage Temperature -4 to 140°F (-20 to 60°C)
    Operating Humidity Range ≤80%RH
    Dimensions 5.9 x 2.6 x 1.38″ (152 x 65 x 35mm)
    Weight 6.35oz (180g)


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