Kyoritsu 5406A RCD Tester

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    The Kyoritsu 5406A  is a high specification RCD tester featuring trip time and ramp current testing controlled by a custom microprocessor for high accuracy and reliability.

    The 5406A’s constant current source circuitry enures that a fluctuating mains voltage does not affect the accuracy of readings.

    Performing trip time tests and ramp current tests on RCD’s as required by electrical regulation and as detailed in the AS/NZS3760:2003.



    Kyoritsu 5406A RCD Tester

    The Kyoritsu 5406A RCD Tester is used to test an RCD which is is a protective device used to automatically disconnect the electrical supply when an imbalance is detected between live conductors. In the case of a single-phase circuit, the device monitors the difference in currents between the active and neutral conductors.

    In a healthy circuit, where there is no fault current flowing to earth or protective conductor current, the sum of the currents in the line and neutral conductors is zero. If a line-to-earth fault develops, a portion of the line conductor current will, therefore, not return through the neutral conductor. The RCD monitors this difference, operates and disconnects the circuit when the residual current reaches a preset limit, the “residual operating current”. This is what the Kyoritsu 5406A tests.

    Kyoritsu 5406A RCD Tester Features:

    • Custom microprocessor controlled for highest accuracy and reliability.
    • 3 LEDs for checking correct wiring status.
    • 0 and 180 degree phase angle switch permits quick tests and consistent readings.
    • Digital read-out of tripping time.
    • Constant current source circuitry ensures that a fluctuating mains voltage does not affect the accuracy of readings.
    • Large custom digital display readout.
    • Visual indication of reversed phase and neutral wiring at socket.
    • Designed to IP54 Rating.
    • Complies with IEC 61557
    • Test of a large kind of RCD’s: Standard, Selective, AC and A (DC sensitive breakers)

    Weight 1 kg


    Kyoritsu 5406A RCD Tester

    Rated Tripping Current |10/20/30/200/300/500mA
    Fault Condition Settings |x 1/2, x 1, x 5, x DC,
    Trip Current Duration |1000ms, 200ms (x5)
    Lowest Resolution |1ms
    Trip Time Accuracy |±0.6%rdg±4dgt
    Operating Voltage |230V+10%-15%
    |(195V – 253V) 50Hz
    Safety Standard |IEC 61557-1,-6
    |IEC 61010-1 CAT III 300V
    |IEC 61010-2-031 Pollution Degree 2
    Withstand Voltage |3700V AC for 1 minute
    IP Rating |IEC 60529-IP54
    Dimensions |186(L) x 167(W) x 89(D)mm
    Weight |800g approx.
    Accessories |Molded plug test leads
    |Pouch for test leads
    |Shoulder Strap
    |Instruction Manual
    Optional |7121B (Simplified measurement probe)


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