Three Phase Angle Meter | UNI-T UT267B

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Three Phase Angle Meter – UNI-T UT267B is a clamp meter designed to measure two or three phases at the same time and display the phase diagram on the LCD screen. Monitors power distribution, and can be used by electricians, electrical maintenance, repair, and training personnel.

  • Measures voltage, current, power, frequency, relationships between U-U, U-I, I-I all at the same time
  • Auto range, 2/s sampling rate
  • Comes with 3 x 20A current clamps
  • Data hold
  • RS-232 interface
  • Low power consumption (40mA), low battery indication
  • Auto power off; LCD backlight
  • Anti-vibration, anti-skidding, high-insulation case
  • LCD: 240×160 pixel display

PDF download    UNI-T UT267B User Manual

UNI-T’s UT267B Intelligent 3 Phase Clamp Volt-Ammeter is the most advanced intelligent three-phase high-precision digital phase volt-ammeter specially designed for use in industrial conditions.

The Three Phase Angle Meter – UNI-T UT267B is a fully automatic, multi-purpose device with low power consumption and simple operation. You can measure circuits without disturbing them and is also able to measure three phase voltage and current, phase angle between voltage and current or between three-phase voltages or currents, frequency, phase sequence, active, reactive and apparent power, power factor, sum of vectors, and is also able identify the connection of groups of transformers, inductive and capacitive circuits, secondary circuits and measurements of the bus differential protection system.

UNI-T UT267B in use UNI-T UT267B in use

The Three Phase Angle Meter – UNI-T UT267B can also read the differential protection phase between CT units, check and ensure the correct connection of electricity meters. The dot matrix LCD display has 240 dots × 160 dots and allows the display of voltage and current vectors.

The Three Phase Angle Meter – UNI-T UT267B allows to store up to 99 sets of measured data in the internal memory, which can then be transferred to the PC via the RS232 interface. The supplied system software enables online real-time monitoring, history retrieval, dynamic display, data reading, storage, reporting, printing, etc. Together, these features provide a safe, accurate and convenient new tool for inspectors and electricians.


Weight 3 kg


UNI-T UT267B Specifications

Range UT267B
AC current (A) 0mA~20A ±(1.5%+3)
AC voltage (V) 0V~600V ±(1.5%+3)
Frequency (Hz) 45Hz~65Hz ±(2%+3)
Active power (W) 0W~12kW ±(3%+3)
Apparent power (VA) 0VA~12kVA ±(3%+3)
Reactive power (VAR) 0VAR~12kVAR ±(3%+3)
Power factor -1~+1 ±0.03
Phase angle (°) 0°~360° ±1°
Current vector sum 0mA~60A
Phase sequence test Forward rotation, U1-U2-U3 or I1-I2-I3;
reverse rotation, U1-U3-U2 or I1-I3-I2


Display mode LCD: 240 dots×160 dots
Clamp size Acuminate current clamp: 7.5mm×13mm (optional)
Round jaw current clamp: 35mm×40mm (optional)
Auto range
Data storage 99
LCD backlight
Data hold
Input impedance for DCV ≥2MΩ
Auto power off About 15 minutes
Low battery indication
Sampling rate About 0.5 times/s

General Characteristics

Power 1.5V battery (LR6) x 6
Product color Red and grey
Product net weight 550g
Product size 196mm x 92mm x 54mm
Standard accessories Batteries, current clamps (3pcs), test leads (1 yellow, 1 green, 1 red, 1 black)
Standard individual packing Protective Case, User Manual

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