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    An Earth Fault Loop Impedance test allows you to test your electrical installations and power outlets to avoid electric shock and injury.

    Because of the possibilty of coming into contact with an electric fault, having your electrical installations and power points tested for earth fault loop impedance is mandatory to be compliant with Australian wiring standards AS/NZS 3000:2007.

    ● 3 ½ digit LCD (2000-count).
    ● Backlight function.
    ● 15mA loop measurement which will not trip ELCBs.
    ● Convenient and easy for users to measure the loop impedance directly without bypassing the wires.
    ● Wiring check function.
    ● Over temperature protection.
    ● Over voltage protection.
    ● Built-in voltmeter.
    ● Built-in earth tester.
    ● Built-in loop/psc tester.
    ● Includes the TNT-EL Mains Lead
    ● Safety standard :
    EN 61010-1 CAT III 300V
    EN 61326-1

    Authorised Australian Distributor

        SEW 8025LP Datasheet
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    SEW 8025LP LOOP TESTER & PSC TESTER for Earth fault loop impedance testing

    Earth fault loop impedance is the path followed by fault current when a low impedance fault occurs between the phase conductor and earth, i.e. “earth fault loop”. Fault current is driven round the loop by the supply voltage. The higher the impedance, the lower the fault current will be and the longer it will take for the circuit protection to operate.

    To make sure the protection operates fast enough, the loop impedance must be low. Every circuit must be tested to make sure that the actual loop impedance does not exceed that specified for the protective device concerned.

    SEW 8025LP LOOP TESTER & PSC TESTER for Prospective short circuit current (PSC) testing

    The prospective short circuit or fault current at any point in an electrical installation is the current that would flow in the circuit if no circuit protection operated and a complete (very low impedance) short circuit occurred. The value of this fault current is determined by the supply voltage and the impedance of the path taken by the fault current. Measurement of PSC can be used to check that protective devices within the system will operate within safety limits and as per the safe design of the installation. PSC is normally measured between the phase and neutral.

    The SEW 8025LP is supplied with the TN-EL test lead.

    SEW 8025LP LOOP TESTER & PSC TESTER Secifications:
    Loop Impedance



    Nominal test current at 0 Ω external loop


    20 Ω

    0.00~19.99 Ω

    23A / 40ms

    (2%rdg + 4dgt)

    200 Ω

    0.0~199.9 Ω

    2.3A / 40ms

    2000 Ω

    0~1999 Ω

    15mA / 400ms

    Prospective Short-circuit Current



    Nominal test current at 0 Ω external loop


    20 KA

    0.00~4.00 KA

    23A / 40ms

    Consider accuracy of loop impedance

    2000 A

    0~1999 A

    23A / 40ms

    200 A

    0.0~199.9 A

    2.3A / 40ms

    Voltage Display      

    Measuring range



    150~260 V

    (2%rdg + 4dgt)

    at 0 Ω external loop

    Temperature 0 ~ 40 °C
    System voltage 230V +13%
    System frequency  50Hz
    None Battery system voltage 150V ~ 260V
    Over Temperature Protection When overheating,the ”  ”  symbol will show on the LCD, and the 8025LP stop measuring.
    Wiring check P-E LEDs illuminate when the wiring polarity of circuit under test is correct
    N-E LED is light when P and N are reversed or the Earth is not connected.
    15mA Loop measurement  Loop impedance 2000Ω range measurement is carried out with low test current (15mA).
    The current will not cause tripping out for ELCBs.


    Weight .5 kg


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