Sefram DAS240BAT Universal Data Logger – Handheld Multi-Channel Measurement Device with Ethernet, WiFi & USB Connectivity, up to 200 Channels

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    Meet the pinnacle of precision with the Sefram DAS240BAT Logger, an unparalleled handheld universal data logger designed to transform your data acquisition process. Boasting up to 200 analogue channels and 12 logical inputs, this device caters to a vast spectrum of measurement needs across voltage, temperature, current, and resistance. Revel in the clarity of its 10″ TFT panoramic touch screen, ensuring your data is always displayed with impeccable clarity. With an integrated 32 GB hard drive, and options for external USB storage, worry not about running out of space for your valuable data. Engineered for both portability and versatility, the DAS240BAT offers Ethernet, WiFi, and USB connectivity, alongside a robust lithium-ion battery that promises up to 15 hours of autonomy. Ideal for rigorous industrial environments, this logger adheres to IEC61010 CAT I 100V safety standards. Whether it’s on the factory floor or in the field, the Sefram DAS240BAT Logger is a must-have for professionals demanding excellence in their measurement and recording tasks. Discover unparalleled data recording flexibility – order your Sefram DAS240BAT Logger now and elevate your data acquisition capabilities.

    PDF download  Sefram DAS240 Datasheet


    Discover the ultimate tool in industrial monitoring and data logging with the Sefram DAS240BAT Logger, a highly versatile and portable handheld universal datalogger capable of accommodating 20 to 200 channels. This cutting-edge device is engineered to cater to a vast range of recording requirements, making it the go-to solution for professionals in need of comprehensive measurement capabilities covering voltage, temperature via thermocouples or Pt100-1000, current (with an optional adapter), and more.

    Key Features and Benefits

    • Flexible Channel Configuration: Adapt the DAS240 to suit your specific needs, with the capability to expand up to 200 analogue channels alongside 12 logical inputs for a tailored data acquisition experience.
    • Comprehensive Measurement Range: Whether you’re measuring voltage from 1mV to 200V, temperature with various thermocouple types or Pt100-1000 sensors, or current and resistance, the DAS240 has you covered.
    • High-Resolution Display: Analyse your data in real-time with a vibrant 10″ TFT panoramic touch screen, ensuring clarity and ease of use.
    • Maximum Data Integrity: Benefit from a 16-bit vertical resolution and a max sampling rate of 1ms (1kHz), guaranteeing precision in your measurements.
    • Connectivity and Portability: With options for Ethernet, WiFi, and USB connections, alongside a lithium-ion battery offering 15 hours of autonomy, the DAS240BAT Logger ensures flexibility and ease of use in any setting.
    • Extensive Storage Options: An internal 32 GB hard drive provides ample space for data collection, with the option for external storage via USB memory stick for added convenience.

    Enhance your industrial process monitoring with the DAS240’s additional features, such as 4 alarms (outputs), logical function input with counter & frequency meter capability, and MODBUS TCP (slave) for seamless integration into your existing systems.

    Whether you’re in the lab, on the factory floor, or in the field, the Sefram DAS240BAT Logger is your ally in capturing and analysing critical data. Its robust design meets IEC61010 CAT I 100V safety standards, ensuring reliability in demanding environments.

    Don’t miss out on this indispensable tool. Explore the world of possibilities with the Sefram DAS240BAT Logger and take your data acquisition to the next level. Read more about its functionalities in our [application notes] or get started quickly with our [Quickstart guide].

    Order your Sefram DAS240BAT Logger today and revolutionise your data recording process!

    Accessories – (Available for individual purchase)
    20 channels module for DAS240 —Model 902401000

    Model 902401000

    • 20 analogue channels module for DAS240
    • Input (each channel): voltage, thermocouples, Pt100-1000, current (with optional shunt)
    • You can add up to 9 modules to the standard set of the DAS240 to reach 200 analogue channels
    • Supplied with all connector and a mechanical fixing system

    Weight 3 kg

    Main features

    Mains features of the DAS240 :

    • 20 to 200 analogue channels
    • Input : voltage, thermocouple, Pt100-1000, current (with optional adapter), resistance
    • Voltage: from 1mV to 200V (±100V)
    • Temperature: thermocouples (all types), Pt100-1000 (2 or 3 wires)
    • 16 Bit vertical resolution
    • Max sampling rate: 1ms (1kHz)
    • 12 logical channels
    • 4 alarms (output)
    • 4 logical function input with counter & frequencymeter capability
    • 10″ TFT panoramic touch screen
    • Internal hard drive : 32 GB
    • Interfaces: 2xUSB, Ethernet, Wifi (option)
    • Lithium-ion battery (factory option) : 15h autonomy
    • Labview driver available
    • MODBUS TCP (slave): Click here to get more details about this function
    • Safety: IEC61010 CAT I 100V
    • Application note: Browse our application notes for Data Acquisition Solutions
    • Easy to learn and use : Quickstart guide


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