HT INSTRUMENTS HT309 Digital LED Light Lux Meter

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The HT Instruments HT309 is digital light meters used to measure illuminance up to 400k Lux through a silicon photodiode sensor.

The HT309 also allows measuring illuminance of LED sources with various colours by setting the relevant correction factors, further to measuring luminous intensity (expressed in Candles).



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The HT INSTRUMENTS HT309 Digital LED Light Lux Meter is a precision luxmeter used for measuring illuminance of both white light sources and LED sources of various colours, expressed in Lux (Lx) or Foot-candles (Fc). The instrument complies with CIE (International Commission on Illumination) standards on spectrum response and corrects according to the cosine of the angle of incidence of light. The silicon photodiode sensor used in the HT Instruments HT309 guarantees measurement stability.

HT INSTRUMENTS HT309 Digital LED Light Lux Meter Features:

• Illuminance measurement up to 400kLux / 40kFc
• Luminous intensity measurement (expressed in Candles)
• Selection of the measuring unit: Lx/Fc/CD
• Light source: white light source and LED sources in their visible spectrum
• High-precision and rapid measurements
• Data HOLD function
• MAX/MIN/AVG functions
• Zeroing of the displayed value
• Internal memory for saving measurement results
• Auto Power OFF
• Backlight
• Autorange



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