EXTECH TK430-IR Industrial Troubleshooting Kit

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    The Extech TK430-IR is a True RMS MultiMeter, Clamp meter and IR Thermometer kit. Ideal for electrical testing needs including installation and repair of electrical systems, HVAC equipment and large appliances.

    The Extech TK430-IR consists of:

    • Extech EX430: True RMS, Auto Ranging Multimeter with 11 functions.
    • Extech MA200: 400 Amp Clamp meter with basic AC Current and 1mA resolution.
    • Extech 42510: InfraRed Thermometer (-50 to 538 degree Celsius) with laser pointer.
    • Extech 40130: Non-contact Voltage detector (from 100 Volt to 600 Volt AC).
    • Extech TKG430-IR is complete with a set of test leads and Type K bead wire temperature probe.
    • Supplied in a heavy duty hard carrying case that provides protection and organization for meters and accessories.



        Extech TK430-IR Datasheet



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    Extech TK430-IR Industrial Troubleshooting Kit with Infrared Thermometer.

    Designed for Plant maintenance, HVAC, and electrical technicians

    Assembled to provide all the electrical testing needs for installation and repair of electrical systems, HVAC equipment and large appliances

    Extech TK430-IR Industrial Troubleshooting Kit Key Features:

    • Extech EX430 Autoranging True RMS MultiMeter with 11 functions including Capacitance, Frequency and Temperature
    • Extech 42510 Mini IR Thermometer offers non-contact temperature measurements on surfaces difficult or unsafe to reach (-58 to 1000°F/-50 to 538°C)
    • Extech  MA200 400A Clamp Meter with basic AC Current and 1mA resolution
    • Extech  40130 Non-Contact Voltage Detector detects AC Voltage from 100VAC to 600VAC without touching the source
    • Set of CAT III-1000V test leads
    • Type K thermocouple bead probe and Type K to Banana Input Adaptor
    • Supplied in an attractive storage case that provides protection and organization for the meters whenever they are needed
    • Dimensions: 9.5×6.8×2.8″ (241x173x71mm)

    Extech EX430 Specifications:

    Specifications Range
    Averaging/True RMS True RMS
    Basic Accuracy (VDC) ±0.3%
    AC Voltage 0.1mV to 750V
    DC Voltage 0.1mV to 1000V
    AC Current 0.1µA to 20A
    DC Current 0.1µA to 20A
    Resistance 0.1Ω to 40MΩ
    Capacitance 0.01nF to 100µF
    Frequency 0.001Hz to 10MHz
    Temperature (Type K) -4 to 1382°F (-20 to 750°C)
    Duty Cycle 0.1% to 99.9%
    Diode Test/Continuity Yes
    Dimensions 7.4×3.2×2″(187x81x50mm)
    Weight 0.75lbs (342g)

    Extech MA200 Specifications:

    Specifications Range
    AC Current (resolution) 2A, 20A, 200A, 400A (0.001A)
    Basic accuracy ±2.5%
    AC/DC Voltage (resolution) 200mV, 2V, 20V, 200V, 600V (0.1mV)
    Basic accuracy AC:±1.5% DC:±1.2%
    Resistance (resolution) 200Ω, 2kΩ, 20kΩ, 200kΩ, 2MΩ, 20MΩ (0.1Ω)
    Continuity Beeper ≤30Ω Beeper
    Dimensions / Weight 7.9x2x1.4″ (200x50x35mm) / 7oz (200g)

    Extech 42510 Specifications:

    Specifications Range
    Range -58 to 1000°F (-50 to 538°C)
    Basic Accuracy ±2% of reading or ±4˚F/±2˚C (whichever is greater)
    Max. Resolution 0.1°F/°C; 1°F/°C
    Emissivity 0.95 fixed
    Field of View (Distance to Target) 8:01
    Dimensions 3.2×1.6×6.3″ (82x42x160mm)
    Weight 6.4oz (180g)
    Weight 2 kg


    EX430 Specifications:

    Input Protection Limits
    V = DC or V AC 600V DC/AC 200Vrms on 400mV range
    mA = AC/DC 500mA 250V fast acting fuse
    A = AC/DC 20A 250V fast acting fuse(30 seconds max every 15 minutes)
    Temperature = 60V DC/24V AC

    Diode Test current of 0.3mA maximum open circuit voltage 1.5V DC typical
    Continuity Check – Audible signal will sound if the resistance is less than 150Ω (approx.) test current <0.7mA Temperature Sensor Requires type K thermocouple Input Impedance >7.5M Ω (VDC & VAC)
    AC Response – True rms
    ACV Bandwidth – 50Hz to 1kHz
    Display – 4000 count backlit liquid crystal
    Overrange indication – ”OL” is displayed
    Auto Power Off – 15 minutes (approximately)
    Polarity Automatic – (no indication for positive); Minus (-) sign for negative
    Measurement Rate 2 times per second nominal
    Low Battery Indication ” ” is displayed if battery voltage drops below operating voltage
    Battery – One 9 volt (NEDA 1604) battery
    Fuses mA µA ranges; 0.5A/250V fast blow A range; 20A/250V ceramic fast blow
    Operating Temperature – 41°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C)
    Storage Temperature -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
    Operating Humidity Max 80% up to 87°F (31°C) decreasing linearly to 50% at 104°F(40°C)
    Storage Humidity <80% Operating Altitude 7000ft. (2000meters) maximum. Weight 342g (includes holster). Size 187 x 81 x 50mm (includes holster) Safety For indoor use and in accordance with the requirements for double insulation to IEC1010-1 (1995) EN61010-1 (1995) Overvoltage Category III Pollution Degree 2.


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