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    Improve UPS and lead-acid battery diagnostics with the Hioki BT3554 guided measurements and recordings. Easy! Just connect the Z3210 Wireless Adapter to your Hioki BT3554 instrument, to make it Bluetooth® ready.

    PDF download BT3554 Datasheet

    The Hioki BT3554 portable battery tester with a wireless adapter enables businesses to maintain their UPSs and storage batteries. The BT3554 battery internal resistance tester establishes a standard for determining battery life and deterioration by giving a complete diagnosis via the battery resistance tests. The L-shaped tip of the L2020 Pin Type Lead further improves testing efficiency by allowing you to reach deep into battery racks to probe the terminals completely.

    Key Features

    • Battery measurements can be carried out while the battery is connected to its host device, without taking it offline.
    • Save and measure data in less than 2 seconds, an improvement of 60% over legacy 3554 systems.
    • Diagnose battery degradation in real-time (PASS, WARNING, FAIL) by measuring internal resistance and voltage.
    • Using noise reduction technology improves noise resistance.
    • Measurements can be simplified with screen and audio guidance. (Audio generated by Bluetooth®-connected device)
    • Measurement data is linked to site information and saved, reducing management man-hours.
    • Easily transfer measurement data to your smartphone or tablet by using our free app GENNECT Cross*
    • The new protector provides better ergonomic hold, as well as better durability.

    *(Data can be downloaded to your tablet or smartphone using Hioki’s free app “GENNECT Cross”, available from the Google Play or App Store) or to an Excel® file. (Wireless Adapter Z3210 is necessary)

    Weight 3 kg

    Hioki BT3554-51, Hioki BT3554-52, Hioki BT3554-91, Hioki BT3554-92


    Basic specifications

    Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year, Accuracy guarantee period after adjustment made by Hioki: 1 year
    BT3554-50 BT3554-51 BT3554-52
    Resistance measurement range 3 mΩ (max. display 3.100 mΩ, resolution 1 μΩ) to 3 Ω (max. display 3.100 Ω, resolution 1 mΩ), 4 ranges
    Accuracy: ±0.8 % rdg ±6 dgt (3 mΩ range: ±1.0 % rdg ±8 dgt)
    Testing source frequency: 1 kHz ±30 Hz
    With function for avoiding noise frequency enabled: 1 kHz ±80 Hz
    Testing current: 160 mA (3m/30 mΩ range), 16 mA (300 mΩ range), 1.6 mA (3 Ω range)
    Open terminal Voltage: 5 V peak
    Voltage measurement range ± 6 V (max. display ±6.000 V, resolution: 1 mV) to ± 60 V (max. display ±60.00 V, resolution: 10 mV), 2 ranges, Accuracy: ±0.08 % rdg ±6 dgt
    Temperature measurement accuracy Measurement range: -10°C to 60°C (14°F to 140°F), Maximum display: 60.0°C (140.0°F), Resolution 0.1°C (0.1°F), Measurement accuracy*: ±1.0°C (±1.8°F)
    * When using the Clip Type Lead with Temperature Sensor 9460.
    * When using the Temperature Probe 9451, add ±0.5°C (±0.9°F) (cable length: 1.5 m [59.1″]).
    * When using the Temperature Probe 9451S, add ±0.5°C (±0.9°F) (cable length: 0.1 m [3.94″]).
    BT3554-50 standalone accuracy with simulated input: ±0.5°C (±0.9°F)
    Absolute max. input voltage 60 V DC max. (No AC input)
    Measurement time 100 ms
    Response time Approx. 1.6 sec.
    Comparator Compares measured values with set threshold values to make judgments and reports them to the user.
    Judgment notification method: Results are displayed as shown below (segment) and beeping tones sound
    When the Voltage value (high): Resistance value (low)= PASS, Resistance value (medium)= WARNING, Resistance value (high)= FAIL
    When the Voltage value (low): Resistance value (low)= WARNING, Resistance value (medium)= WARNING, Resistance value (high)= FAIL
    If the judgment result is WARNING or FAIL, the audio tone is accompanied by a red backlight.
    User-selectable voltage judgment method: ABS (absolute value judgment), POL (polarity judgment )
    Savable settings: 200 tables
    Memory functionality Operation: Save, load, and delete measurement data, Save and delete profile information, Number of data sets: 6000, Memory architecture: 500 data sets per unit (12 units)
    Saved data: Saved measurement data is linked to profile information.1. Measurement data: Data can be saved, loaded, and deleted by operating the instrument.
    -1. Date and time
    -2. Resistance value, voltage value, and temperature
    -3. Comparator threshold value and judgment result2. Profile information: Profile information can be saved, loaded, and deleted using a supported application (GENNECT Cross or GENNECT One).
    -1. Profile numbers: 1 to 100 (Data (2), (3), and (4) below are saved for each profile number)
    -2. Location: User-defined comment such as location of UPS
    -3. Device information: User-defined comment such as UPS management number
    -4. Battery number: 1 to 500 (start number, end number)
    Measurement Navigator Operation: Announces the next battery number to be measured via a screen display and audio guidance.
    Audio output is generated by a connected mobile device when using the Z3210 and a supported application (GENNECT Cross).
    Preparations: Profile information that’s been registered with a supported application (GENNECT Cross or GENNECT One) must be transferred to the instrument.
    Communication interface USB
    Bluetooth® wireless communications (when Z3210 installed)
    Other functions Temperature measurement (-10.0 to 60.0 °C), Zero-adjustment, Hold, Auto-hold, Auto-memory, Auto-power-save, Clock
    Power supply LR6 (AA) Alkaline dry battery ×8
    Continuous operating time: About 8.3 hr. (without Z3210 installed), About 8.2 hr. (with Z3210 installed and wireless communications active)
    Dimensions and mass 199 mm (7.83 in)W × 132 mm (5.20 in)H × 60.6 mm (2.39 in)D (with protector), 960 g (33.9 oz) (including batteries and protector)
    Accessories Carrying Case C1014 ×1, Protector Z5041 ×1, Fuse Set Z5050 ×1, 0 Adj Board ×1, Neck strap ×1, USB cable ×1, Application software CD (GENNECT One) ×1, AA alkaline battery (LR6) ×8, User Manual ×1
    Instrument only With Pin Type Lead 9465-10 With Pin Type Lead L2020


    Accurately assess lead-acid battery deterioration using proprietary technology

    Assess the deterioration of lead-acid batteries accurately using our proprietary technology

    Introducing the new Battery Tester BT3554-50, a new standard in battery diagnostics and UPS diagnostics. With the impedance method, the internal resistance and voltage of the battery are measured while it is connected to its host device, a diagnosis can be carried out without taking it offline. With proprietary noise reduction technology, even in noisy environments the measurement can be made more accurately.


    The ability to communicate wirelessly adds even more convenience

    With the Wireless Adapter Z3210 (optional), it transfers measurements directly to your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to quickly create reports with drawings and field photos.

    Utilize the latest software for easy data management and guidance on measurement

    The BT3554-50 can be used with a dedicated mobile app (GENNECT Cross) which can be configured to play an audio guidance announcing the next battery number to be measured. Having this feature helps prevent erroneous measurements. Measurement and diagnostic results can also be linked to a profile by inputting measurement locations and battery numbers in advance. Even when performing diagnostic work on large numbers of batteries, having this capability simplifies the data management process.

    You can get results as fast as 2 seconds

    With the Hioki BT3554-50 Battery Tester, you simply touch the test leads to the battery terminals to capture battery condition data. The auto-hold or auto-memory function will automatically save measurements results in just 2 seconds, a 60% reduction from the legacy product.

    Generating comparative judgments based on a lead-acid battery’s internal resistance and voltage

    Providing comparative judgments based on a lead-acid battery’s internal resistance and voltage

    With its comparator function, the BT3554-50 generates comparative judgments quantifying degradation of lead-acid, nickel-cadmium, and nickel-hydride batteries based on the user-specified threshold value.

    In addition, voltage sign detection facilitates instantaneous connection confirmation for newly installed UPS systems.

    BT3554-50 auto-hold function

    Data can be saved by simply placing the leads in contact with a battery’s terminals

    The BT3554-50 auto-hold function automatically holds measured values once they have stabilised. In addition, the instrument’s auto-memory feature, which automatically stores measured values from the auto-hold function in its internal memory, further streamlines work processes.

    New leads for more convenient measurement in distribution panels and other confined locations

    New leads for easier measurement in distribution panels and other confined areas

    L-shaped tips are now available as a new option on the Pin Type Lead L2020. The design makes it easy to inspect batteries installed in confined spaces.

    Observing battery test results using a mobile device: Using wirelessly captured measurements

    Using Bluetooth wireless technology (When using the Wireless Adapter Z3210), the Battery Tester Hioki BT3554-50 can store and display measured values wirelessly.

    The results can also be used to generate automatic reports. Install the free GENNECT Cross app on your mobile device and connect to the Hioki BT3554-50. In order to maximize work efficiency, reports can also be sent via email from your mobile device to the office. The Gennect Cross app can import data into a PC in order to view historical state graphs of a specified battery.

    Applications: Manage other UPS inspection data together

    Applications: Manage other UPS inspection data together

    GENNECT can be used as a central repository to manage data from Hioki clamp meters and other instruments.

    Example: UPS inspection

    1.UPS system ACV measurement (CM4372, CM4374)

    2.DCV measurement (CM4372, CM4374)

    3.AC/DC current measurement (CM4372, CM4374)

    4.Ripple current measurement (CM4002)

    5.Battery degradation diagnostics (BT3554-50)

    6.Measurement site photograph


    Excel® Direct Input, An easy way to transfer measurement data to an Excel® file

    The Excel® Direct Input function allows you to automatically input measurement values into an Excel® file when the instrument’s auto-hold function is activated. (Wireless Adapter Z3210 is required)

    Wall and shoulder straps let you work with both hands

    The wall and shoulder straps allow you to work with both hands

    The shoulder strap helps you carry the instrument while measuring a large number of batteries. Or If there are a lot of batteries at one location, hang the instrument on the wall while you work using the Magnetic Strap Z5020 (sold separately).



    USB Driver (BT3554 series)

    User Manual


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