Fluke 1773 Power Quality Analyser -| Three-Phase, High-Speed Transient Capture, Energy Analyse Plus Software Included

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    Introducing the Fluke 1773 Power Quality Analyser – your comprehensive solution for power quality assessment and troubleshooting. This three-phase analyser effortlessly merges the functionalities of a power meter and an independent analyser, delivering over 500 vital power quality parameters at your fingertips. Guaranteeing measurement accuracy, it guides users from setup to data capture, making it a trusty companion for both novices and experts. Prevent equipment failures with its advanced transient capture technology and ensure system uptime with the ability to observe current harmonics ahead of voltage distortion. It’s not just a product you’re buying, but an investment in the reliability of your power systems. Get the Fluke 1773 Power Quality Analyzer today for a seamless power quality analysis experience.

    PDF download  Fluke 1770 series Datasheet


    Fluke 1773 Power Quality Analyser – Your Key to Uninterrupted Power Supply

    Presenting the Fluke 1773 Power Quality Analyser, your all-in-one solution to power quality analysis and troubleshooting. This three-phase power quality analyser combines the functionalities of both a power meter and a standalone analyser. With over 500 power quality parameters, it ensures you capture every crucial detail necessary for an efficient power quality study.

    The Fluke 1773 Power Quality Analyzer offers ultimate measurement confidence, thanks to its unique measurement connection autocorrect function. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, you can trust this analyzer to guide you through the setup process, ensuring that you’re capturing the right data every time.

    Worried about high-speed voltage transients? The advanced transient capture technology of Fluke 1773 helps you identify these potentially damaging occurrences and stop them from causing insulation failures or total equipment failures.

    Whether you’re dealing with traditional industrial systems, renewable energy systems, or electric vehicles, the Fluke 1773 has got you covered. With its high-resolution screen, you can instantly view a full range of power quality variables, high-speed waveforms, transients, and harmonic frequency. Featuring a CAT IV 600 V / CAT III 1000 V overvoltage rating, this analyzer can measure both AC and DC inputs, as well as harmonics measuring up to 30 kHz.

    The Fluke 1773 is designed to suit your needs. Its slim ergonomic design and integrated hand strap make it easy to hold, and the included hanging kit makes securing your analyzer inside a cabinet a breeze. Need to transfer data quickly and easily? No problem. The 1773 Power Quality Analyzer offers multiple options including USB C, USB A, Ethernet, WiFi, and cellular network support.

    What’s more, the Fluke 1773 comes with the Energy Analyze Plus software package that can compare measured voltage and current harmonic statistical data to different standards. This powerful predictive maintenance feature lets you observe current harmonics before distortion appears in the voltage, helping you prevent unexpected failures or non-compliance situations and increase system uptime.

    Get the Fluke 1773 Power Quality Analyser today for a seamless and reliable power quality analysis experience. With the Fluke 1773, you’re not just buying a product—you’re investing in reliability.

    Weight 2 kg


    Voltage Inputs
    Number of Inputs 4 inputs, 3 phases and neutral referenced to PE (5 connectors)
    Measurement Category 1000 V CAT III/600 V CAT IV
    Maximum Input Voltage 1000 V rms/1000 V DC (1700 Vpk)
    Nominal Voltage Range Wye and single phase: variable (50 to 1000 V)
    Delta: variable (100 to 1000 V)
    IEC 61000-4-30 Class A compliance for the nominal voltages (Vdin) 100 to 690 V
    Input Impedance 10 MΩ between P-P and P-N, 5 MΩ between P-PE and N-PE
    Bandwidth DC to 30 kHz for PQ measurements, excluding transients
    Resolution 24-bit synchronous sampling
    Sampling Frequency 80 kS/second at 50/60 Hz
    Scaling 1:1, variable for use of potential transformers
    Voltage Transients
    Measurement Range ±8 kV
    Bandwidth DC to 1 MHz
    Trigger Adjustable trigger level
    Triggers on high-frequency components >1.5 kHz
    Resolution 14-bit synchronous sampling
    Current Inputs
    Current Inputs 4 inputs 3 phases and neutral, range selected automatically to attached sensor
    Bandwidth DC to 30 kHz
    Resolution 24-bit synchronous sampling
    Sampling Frequency 80 kS/second at 50/60 Hz
    Scaling 1:1 variable
    Input Voltage Clamp: 50 mV/500 mV rms; CF 2.8
    Rogowski coil: 15 mV/150 mV rms at 50 Hz, 18 mV/180 mV rms at 60 Hz; CF 4
    All at nominal probe range
    Input Impedance 11 kΩ
    Data Acquisition Voltage and Current
    Input Mains Frequency DC, 50/60 Hz ±15% (42.5 to 57.5 Hz, 51 to 69 Hz)
    Topologies 1-φ, 1-φ IT, split phase, 3-φ delta, 3-φ wye IT, 3-φ aron/blondel (2 element delta), 3-φ delta open leg, 3-φ high leg delta
    Data Storage 8 GB internal
    Memory Size Typical 10 logging sessions of 8 weeks with 1-minute intervals and 100 events
    The number of possible logging sessions and logging period depends on user requirements
    Real-time Accuracy Internal: 3 ppm (0.26 seconds per day, 8 seconds per month)
    NTP (internet time): depending on internet latency, typical <0.1 seconds absolute to UTC
    GPS: <1 ms absolute to UTC
    Dimensions 11.0 x 7.5 x 2.4″ (28 x 19 x 6.2 cm)
    Weight 4.6 lbs (2.1 kg)


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